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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Whisper of Memory #newrelease

My friend Brinda just released the second book in her Whispering Woods Series, and you will not want to miss out on this!

First you have to check out this trailer:

Wasn't that awesome?

Here's a little more about the book . . . .

Weapons training and winter formals… a deadly combination

All Mia ever wanted was to fit in at Whispering Woods High. But being a portal-finder who dates a guy from another dimension sort of makes it hard. A month ago her brother disappeared, and agents from the IIA began policing people’s movements through dimensions. She’d trusted Dr. Bleeker from the local university when he’d told her the IIA were the bad guys. But even a girl with an extraordinary ability to sense things can make mistakes.

Now two people are dead, and as a portal gatekeeper for the IIA, Mia needs to find Dr. Bleeker before he hurts anyone else. And her boyfriend Regulus, an Agent for the IIA, carries secrets of his own. Between learning about weaponry, finding the perfect dress for the winter formal, and catching bad guys, who has time to fit in?

And there's a Giveaway! Brinda is giving away romance trading cards and a Kindle Touch.  This giveaway ends on April 30th, so enter today! Visit  http://www.brindaberry.com/news.html to enter! 

Brinda lives in the southern US with her family and two spunky cairn terriers. She’s terribly fond of chocolate, coffee, and books that take her away from reality.


Friday, March 30, 2012

Real or Not Real?

I thought we'd have some fun today with a little game called Real or Not Real. (Yes, if you've read all The Hunger Games books, you'll know what inspired this!)

So, let's begin!

And, if you'd like to win a free copy of Wilde's Fire and an autographed cover card, make sure you follow my blog by e-mail, then comment on this post with "I want in, NOW!"

I'll chose one participant using Random.org.

Have fun! (Oh, and I'll reveal the truth . . . some day!)
Krystal Wade's real name is Krystal Wade

pollcode.com free polls 
Krystal doesn't have any kids.

pollcode.com free polls 
Krystal walks to work.

pollcode.com free polls 
Krystal loves snakes.

pollcode.com free polls 

Krystal loves her mother in law.

pollcode.com free polls 
Fun, right?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dancing in the Streets!

No, I'm not literally dancing in the streets, but I'm pretty darn close to it. For those of you who don't stalk me on Facebook or Twitter, Wilde's Fire just hit more virtual stands.

You can now download a copy from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Bookstrand, AND Noble Young Adult.

Wow. Can you believe it? All those sites, and the price stayed low...still only $1.99!

Now what are you waiting for? Get out there and READ!


Want a $25 Amazon Gift Card? Play Wilde's Fire Tag It.

Want to meet Krystal Wade? She'll be at Stafford Dance Center April 24th at 6:30 PM.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Death #TWC1

I had a dream. A nightmare really. I did something terrible, awful. My crimes were unspeakable. Unfortunately, whatever heinous act I participated in, I couldn't remember.

I turned a corner, in a room full of corners. White walls were everywhere, taking shape in front of me before I reached my destination. I was close. Really, really close. But to what, I had no idea.

Nerves grated me, striking me with understanding of what a terrible person I was. How could I? Whatever I did, it was bad, and I knew it. Crying seemed like a good idea, but there were more turns, more hallways, more corners.

White, all this endless, useless white. I hated it. I hated me. What did I do?

"Krystal . . . ."

My name floated in the air, drifted around me, riddled my skin with goose bumps. Heat flooded my cheeks, and tears pooled in my eyes.

One last corner and I'd meet the end. My punishment. Whips and chains would not suffice for what I'd done. Nothing would.

I slowed my steps, suddenly afraid of what I'd meet. Whips? Chains? Fire?

Torture was certainly in my future. But I wanted to remember the crime. I wanted to know what I'd done.

Closing my eyes, I tried to force my memory to work. Think. Think. Think.


"Krystal . . . ."

No more time for remembrance. I stepped around that last corner, and Death stood before me. Black cloak and all. He held his staff, lifted his head, and we met eyes. Mine blurry with tears. His flashing a brilliant-white.

What did I do? Why was Death before me?

Wind swirled through the white room, and everything turned black.

He stared at me, unblinking. "I do not know how you did it, and I know you do not either. But thank you. You have freed me from this job of damnation."

A white, cloaked figure, with shockingly blank, black eyes replaced Death, then he dematerialized and floated toward the ceiling.

He was right; I didn't know how I did it, but somehow I freed the world of Death.

To see other writer's take on the topic of Death, visit TheWritersCollection.com

~ Wilde's Fire | Wilde's Army *Coming Soon*

Sunday, March 25, 2012

These Games We Play #SixSunday

Another week has passed, and I'm still wearing that grin. I love being an author. So, as way of celebration, I'm giving fans a little bit more from last week's scene.


~"What if I take two?" he asks, moving forward three steps, leaving about enough distance for me to easily strike through him with my claymore.

"Don't. Test. Me!"

Perth takes one more step. A wicked smile stretches across his ivory face, and I push the tip of my sword into a spot above his heart.

"How foolish do you and Arland think I am?"~

How foolish indeed!

If you haven't picked up your copy of Wilde's Fire yet, don't worry! You can download it from Noble Young Adult (available in multiple formats) today!

Don't forget about the Tag It contest! You could win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

If you enjoyed my Six Sunday post, make sure you check out the other great authors who participate over at the Official Site. *Disclaimer: Not all sites are appropriate for children under 18*

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Eye of Newt

Five minutes after Kid #2 got out of the bath, she ran outside to play with her big brother. Then she came in with this cute little guy and asked if we could keep him.

"No. He'll die just like all the other creatures you attempt to keep." I know, I'm a mean mommy. Get over it.

She stomped out the side door.

I hope she returned him to the woods. I was too busy laughing at her tantrum to follow her out.

After she'd finally had enough time with "Newty", she came inside and said, "I have to wash my hands. I have to wash my hands. Do newts pee on you?"

I love being a mom, and I love living in the woods!

My Books:
Wilde's Fire
Wilde's Army *Coming Soon*

Monday, March 19, 2012

Oh. My. Shoe.

Do you ever see things that send your mind into a tailspin? For instance, today on my drive home from D.C., I saw two shoes on the side of the road. And I'm not talking about a pair of shoes. I mean, near Springfield, Virginia I saw a loafer, and near Quantico, Virginia I saw a boot.

How does this happen? And if these were the shoes I noticed while driving, how many did I miss?

Maybe a married couple drove down the road, windows open, and started arguing. The man got so angry with his wife, he took off his shoe and threw it at her, but it went out the window instead because the idiot had bad aim.

Or, the more logical explanation, someone's suitcase fell off their luggage rack--which is exactly why if it doesn't fit IN the car, it doesn't go ON the car--and all of their belongings landed on the highway. This makes sense, but there weren't any clothes. Just a shoe.

Whatever the case may be, until I see a shoe fly out--or off--of a car, I'm not going understand this.

Maybe we should start a "Save the Shoes" campaign?

What does your imagination come up with when you see a shoe resting on the side of the road?

My Books:
Wilde's Fire
Wilde's Army
*Coming Soon*

Where in the World is Krystal Wade?

Krystal Wade is an author. Who didn't know that? Seriously. If you're that in the dark, DON'T raise your hand.

All kidding aside, Krystal has been all over the place this month, and it's only going to get worse. So, since many of you probably don't click to her calendar page--and she can tell, cause blogger tracks things like that--we've created a list! How nice, right?

March 12th
- Johanna Pitcairn (Interview)

March 13th
- Derek Flynn (Character Interview)

March 14th
- Kelly Seguin (Promo Piece)

March 15th
- Louise Phillips (Interview)

March 16th
- Melissa MacKinnon (Friday Funny)

March 17th
- Debra Kristi (Interview)
- Kelly S. Gamble (Story behind Kate's home)

March 19th
- Raine Thomas (Interview & Prologue)
- Wendy S. Russo (Review *Slight Spoilers*)
- Catching Books (Interview - Review to come mid-April)

March 21st
- K.T. Hanna (Interview)

March 23rd
- Curiosity Quills (Why Editing is Important)

March 25th
- Amberr Meadows (My Future in Writing)

March 27th
- Kellianne Sweeney (Character Interview)

March 29th
- Brinda Berry (Promo Piece)

March 31st
- Caren Kennedy (Interview)

We may have missed a few posts when creating this for Krystal, but I think everyone will forgive us.

Don't forget about the Tag It Contest!

And if you still haven't gotten your hands on a copy of Wilde's Fire, go HERE to see what all the rage is about!

Trailer | Prologue

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Unexpected Visitor #SixSunday

What an amazing week. With the publication of Wilde's Fire this past Monday, I've worn a wide grin every day. My reaction when I saw #1 Best Seller next to my book's title . . . well, let's just say no one ever has a camera around when they should.

I subbed Wilde's Army to my publisher on Wednesday. In honor of that upcoming release, and all my fans who keep begging me for more, today's Six Sunday is brought to you by Book 2.


~"Hello, Katriona," a man calls, low and guttural, from behind me.

My body ignites in flames, fueled by fear and old magic. I draw my sword and turn from the empty space where my bedroom used to be, bracing for my first fight—of many fights to come—and I see Perth.

"Do you intend to kill me with that . . . wife?"

He regards me with the same ice-cold gaze he did the first time I met him in the training room. The blue flames reflecting in his pale, green eyes don't help much.~

Wilde's Fire is Available from Noble Young Adult for only $1.99 - Trailer - Prologue

To read other great authors who participate in Six Sunday, visit the official site. *Disclaimer: Not all sites are appropriate for children under 18.*

Friday, March 16, 2012

Because We All Love to LMFAO

It's Friday--I thought you all might need a reminder--and really, I think it's time for some funny! (I could definitely use a break from promoting Wilde's Fire!)

Kid #2 loves music. She especially loves LMFAO, Miley Cyrus, The Veronicas, The Crazy Frog Album . . . the list goes on and on. I'm not sure where she heard most of these songs, but you better believe they are all on my iPod now. *Sigh*

Does anything belong to me? You all know my family took over my purse, now my music, too?

Anyway, while browsing YouTube, I came across this video. I think it serves our social media driven society well.


Now that you've watched that, I want to hear your plans for the weekend...plans that do NOT involve cell phones, laptops, or anything else that prevents you from seeing the world around you!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wilde's Fire Tag It!

Want to participate in an easy competition? Wow, look at all those raised hands. I knew you guys would love this!

Listen up: To enter, all you have to do is e-mail me a photo of you and Wilde's Fire. That's right, open up your e-reading device, load the title page, then have someone snap a picture of your beautiful (or handsome) smiling face next to it.

Why would you do this? For money, of course! And possibly fame. ;-)

I know you guys like to read. So, if you enter my lovely little contest, I'll put your happy-faces into an awesome video blog and your names into random.org, and one lucky winner will receive a $25 Amazon gift card.

But where's the tagging come in?

Well, to enter, all you have to do is listed above, but to be totally awesome all you have to do is upload your photo to Facebook then tag Krystal Wade in it. I need some excitement on my page, and I think you, my dear fans, are the best excitement ever!

Sound like fun?

Then get to work! E-mail me those photos (krystalwade70@yahoo.com). You have until April 30th. The winner will be announced Monday, May 14th (I need time to put all these images into a pretty video.)

I hope you guys are enjoying the book! <3

If you haven't *picked up* your copy yet, you can purchase on HERE for a ridiculously low price of $1.99!! So awesome!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Meet Katriona Wilde! #yalit

Today, Wilde's Fire's main character, Katriona Wilde, is visiting Derek Flynn in Ireland! Wow, the power of the Internet is AWESOME!


Monday, March 12, 2012


Hold. The. Phone. (I'm not exactly sure what that means. And I'm not about to take any more time away from this press release to look it up. Don't glare at me! You can google it after you read this, preferably after you buy my book—if you want to. Ah, hell, I'm way off topic here.)

Wilde's Fire is available. That's right. The tormenting wait is over. Instead of getting your fill every Sunday, you can now go to www.nobleyoungadult.com and buy my debut novel for $1.99.

How awesome is that?

You can wait—and allow your intense craving for words to grow out of control (hey, to each his/her own)—until the book comes out on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, but you aren't going to get Wilde's Fire for that ridiculously low price anywhere else!

Don't have an e-reading device? Doesn't matter!

If you have a computer, you can read Wilde's Fire. Heck, if you have a smartphone, you can read Wilde's Fire.

If you haven't embraced reading electronic books, don't worry. You will be able to order a print copy in a couple months. (Might not hurt to nudge the publisher a little on that one. You didn't hear that from me.)

Well, I think that about covers my big news. Thank you for all the support you've shown me during this process. I pray you all enjoy Wilde's Fire, and if my book isn't you cup of tea, then I hope you'll still drop in and visit me. Maybe tell your friends about my book, if you think they'll like it.

After all, there's no greater advertisement than word of mouth. That usually includes using a telephone. Hmm. Maybe I should look up what "hold the phone means" . . . .

Ahh! Stop what you're doing!

I guess the strange phrase works.

Wilde's Fire Prologue & Trailer

I'm visiting Author Johanna Pitcairn today. Make sure to drop by her blog and say hello!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

You want me to do what? #sixsunday

Tomorrow is definitely publishing day! You can rush out and grab your copy of Wilde's Fire from www.nobleyoungadult.com for $1.99!! I'm so excited and happy. And you guys have all been super supportive! Okay, I promise not to ramble and get all emotional.


Prologue Trailer

~"Kate," Arland says, lifting my chin, "it will help."

"Fine!" I grab a small twig from near my feet. I draw a stick figure of Brad, then jab the twig through his chest.

I glower at Arland. "Are you happy now?"~

Someone is pretty upset! But you all knew that from last week.

Gotta run. Planning lots of contests and parties to celebrate Wilde's Fire. I think next week we'll start six sunday with bits from Wilde's Army!

To read other author's excellent snippets, check out Six Sunday's Official Site. *Disclaimer: Not all sites are appropriate for children under 18!*

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Who You Callin' Crazy?

At eighteen, the amount of mistakes I'd made rivaled the amount of annoyed customers standing in line at the DMV. But that didn't prevent me from making more. Nope.

I, Krystal Wade, was an idiot.

Now, I know what you're thinking: Krystal's going to rant and tell us what we should and should not do.


Neener, neener, neener! (Maybe I never matured past five. Shh!)

I, Krystal Wade, am going to tell you about one of the more innocent mistakes I made. One that will probably never make it into My Life: The Darker Side of Me (or whatever the heck I decide to call my life story.)

Weather forecasters predicted a doozy of a snowstorm. I'm a sucker for snow. Always have been. So, my boyfriend suggested we go snowboarding.


However, I grew up in Texas. My parents never took me skiing. Real snow only existed in my life for about a year and a half, since I moved to Virginia. But the daredevil in me said grab life by the horns and hit the slopes.

My boyfriend owned a board, something custom fit for him, but I had to borrow one from a friend. This friend spent an hour or so trying to figure out if I was "goofy footed" or if my left or right foot was the lead.

Let's just say I was clueless.

Excited and all big-eyed, we hopped in the car, fought the snowstorm, and arrived at Massanutten a few hours later. My belly swam with excitement. Night blanketed the snow-capped mountain, and snow drifted from the sky like, well, snow.

We purchased our lift tickets and were off. Nameless boyfriend wanted to hit Diamond Jim, a black diamond. I went with him. As soon as I stepped off the lift, I knew I was in trouble. Snowboarding is like having one leg, or I imagine that's what it's like. My left and right foot fought for control. I realized Diamond Jim sloped at an angle I didn't like.

But I had to do this. I couldn't be afraid. Daredevil, remember?

I lead with my right foot then slid down the mountain . . . fast. Too fast! Speed is not for me. Left foot fought for control. No, right foot wanted control. Had to slow down. Oh. My. God. My board turned sideways, and I scraped down the mountain with a load of passerby's shaking their head and muttering "snowboarders".

"Just watch me," my overly confident boyfriend said.

I watched him, all right. I watched him snowboard down the side of the mountain and not wait for me. Jerk.

Determination told me to get up. So I did. My board turned sideways again, and I allowed the front edge of it to touch the slope. I flipped over three times before landing on my back with the wind knocked out of me.

A kind guy about my age stopped then helped me up. I was crying. What the hell was I thinking? I'd never snowboarded before. I hated heights—if it were daytime, there's no way I'd have been up there—and I certainly preferred building snowmen over this strange exercise.

"Sit down," the guy I probably should have been dating said. "Slide down the rest of the way just sitting. Have you ever done this before?"


"Why are you on the hardest trail?"

Anger coursed through me. I didn't know I was on the most difficult trail. No one told me. Nice guy skied away, leaving me pissed, scared, and sore. Seriously. My back hurt like a *****.

I took his advice and made my way to the bottom while sitting on my rear. My boyfriend passed by a few times, laughing. The kind guy stopped every now and then to make sure I was okay. I made a couple attempts to strap the board on and ride down, but wound up hurting myself even worse than before.

Needless to say, my boyfriend and I broke up.

Moral of this story: Always know what you're getting into.

*Stop glaring* I had to slip some kind of positive message in this! Okay, I've told you about mine; I want to hear yours! What's the craziest/stupidest thing you've ever done?

Monday, March 5, 2012

Time #TWC1

Time. Time. Everyone's got time. Playing at the beach, and sipping on some wine. Time to do this and do that. Can't you find some time?

Okay, I admit, I took the lyrics from "Signs" by the Five Man Electrical Band and turned them around for this post.

But this week's TWC blog topic couldn't be more appropriate. With the release of Wilde's Fire right around the corner, I don't have time for much more than edits and self-promotion.

I'm tired. I'm hungry. I need a shower (please, don't tell anyone).

Friends are helping me out, taking over my blog and responding to comments on my behalf. My family misses me. My bed calls to me. My eyes are puffy.

BUT . . . .

My book is out, or should be out within this week (depending on when you read this).

The moment most writers dream of is mine. I will cherish all the hard work, the blood, sweat, and tears I've put into this. Most importantly, I will remember all the time it took to create.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have two more books to release into the world . . . .

To read other author's take on the topic "Time", please visit The Writers Collection.

Want to *grab* a copy of my book? Check out my publisher's website: www.nobleyoungadult.com

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Well, we're so close to the release of Wilde's Fire. I've been busting my behind, trying to get this book ready for you guys. This could very well be the last Six Sunday before you can run out and *grab* a copy of my debut novel.

Anyway, this week, Kate's a bit emotional. There aren't many words in these six sentences, but I think there are enough for you to understand she's broken.


~"Give me your hand."

All that blood . . . .


His smile . . . .

"Can you hear me?"

All our memories.~

Want to get your hands on a copy of Wilde's Fire? Check out www.nobleyoungadult.com. Like trailers? Watch this one.

Check out Six Sunday to read other amazing snippets! *Disclaimer: Not all sites are appropriate for children under 18!*

Friday, March 2, 2012

You've Been Hijacked

Hello? Krystal? It's me, Dawna. You there?

Oh, hi. Um, Krystal seems to be gone. Last time I saw her, she was stumbling about crazed, mumbling incoherently about edits, stupid commas rules, and style guides. Personally, I think it's a rouse. Pretty sure I saw her disappear with a six pack of Zima and a dozen chocolate covered donuts, looking for a place to watch a marathon of Jersey Shore on MTV!

Any whoo, Wilde's Fire is coming out later this month. So excited! Just a secret between you and me, I've read it, and it's excellent. Can't wait for the rest of you to read it as well—I know you'll love it.

So, I bet you're all wondering who is this crazy woman on Krystal's blog? My name is Dawna Raver, and I'm one of Krystal's critique partners. I've been carefully stalking her blog, waiting for an opportunity to hijack it. Bwah-hah-hah, (she says, rubbing her hands together) my evil plan has finally come to fruition. I knew the Zima and donuts would do it. Don't bother refreshing the page, I'm staying until Krystal's edits are done, or the Jersey Shore marathon ends.

What to talk about? Well, I could tell you about my own writing plans and how my soon-to-be-finished book, Colour Wielders—a New Adult, contemporary fantasy inspired by Celtic and Authurian mythology—will be released later this year. And how it's about old world, magickal ideals colliding with the modern, nonmagickal world and the young woman, Quinn, who's stuck in between. Or how it's chalk full of romance, Faeries, Druids, and Gods, fighting the good fight between Light and Dark. Or I could tell you about how my own blog, Raver's Rants and Raves will be debuting next month. But I suspect what you really want to know is more dirt on Krystal, besides her aforementioned love of trash t.v. and cheap, malt beverages.

Unfortunately, I have none. Wait, there was that trip to Vegas and an unfortunate event with a clown, a female Elvis impersonator, and an iguana. But hey, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Right?

What I will tell you about Krystal is that she is a great friend—one of my best, and an excellent writing partner. I couldn't be more proud of all this devoted wife and working mom of three has accomplished. Everyday she inspires me with her tireless energy. If she could bottle it, she'd make a million.

So, to Krystal, I say thanks and congrats on the upcoming release of Wilde's Fire. And hey, if you want, stop by my Facebook page, facebook.com/DawnaRaver, or my Twitter account @DawnaRaver and say hi.

Better go. I think I heard her coming back.

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