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Monday, July 30, 2012

Where Have I Been?

Many of you are probably wondering where the heck I went. Where are my blogs? Where are my Six Sundays? Where am I?!

Hiking Rainbow Falls in the Great Smoky Mountains!
Well, I've been really busy doing things like this ====>

That's right. My family and I hiked all over the Great Smoky Mountains. If you've never done it, I highly suggest you visit Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, and Sieverville, Tennessee! Not only are there are a ton of tourist traps, but some of the most peaceful, gorgeous hiking trails exist there!

We made it a requirement to hike a new trail every morning. As some of you know, the United States has been gripped by a heat wave, which makes hiking a nice way to spend the day.

I hear you scratching your head and saying what! But you heard me right. The temperatures are cooler up there in those mountains--sorry; I channeled a bit of a southern twang.

One morning we had to wear sweaters! * GASP *

I really wanted my son's sweatshirt!
Once we made our way back down the mountain, those extra layers wound up in a pile on the floor of our truck. Too hot. Way too hot!

Don't worry. We took our kids to air-conditioned places like Wonderworks, Ripley's Aquarium, Blacklight Golf, Dixie Stampede, Lumberjack Feud, etc.


I was a bit relieved when we were on our way home, until I remembered we were going to Virginia Beach for the 4th of July.

I didn't snap many pictures there. Who wants to ruin their phone with sand?

But those aren't the only reasons I've been away. When we returned from our long, and much needed, vacation, we unfortunately had to say goodbye to a dear friend. Our dog Zoe. She'd battled with many diseases for a long time, and it was time to let her go. No words can describe how much we miss her.

Arizona enjoying his favorite weather.
 And unfortunately, that's not where the sadness ends. Our dog Arizona was diagnosed with cancer. He's currently undergoing surgery to remove his tumor, and we're hoping that will be the extent of this illness, but we're just not sure.

To say it's been a hard month would be an understatement.

But we have faith. And sometimes that's all you've got--and all that matters.

Don't let my blog get you down. There are definitely plenty of things to smile about. My family is happy, healthy, and we love each other deeply!

Things in the publishing world are going great! I had the pleasure of editing Ayden Morgen's upcoming novel, Fade. I also edited Ever by Jessa Russo, someone who is quickly becoming a very close friend. Both of these novels will release soon, so be on the lookout for them!

OH! And if the release of Wilde's Army wasn't enough to make you smile, I finished Wilde's Meadow this month! YAY.

Cover Art - Coming Soon!

I have to run, but I promise to get back on track with you guys once my dog recovers and I'm not spending my evenings playing veterinary technician.

<3 Krystal

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I'm Speechless!

So, this morning as I rode the elevator to my office at work, I checked my Amazon statistics--like I do every morning--and I discovered this:

For those of you who aren't authors and don't check Amazon like you're waiting for a text from your crack dealer, this is a ranking page.

Wilde's Fire's current sales rank is in the 11000 range, which is pretty darn awesome, but I'm #81 in a category sales rank, which is drop-dead AMAZINGLY AWESOME!

My ride up the elevator had me grinning like a fool and tearing up at the same time, ready to burst with a scream of WAHOOO!

And then I checked the stats for Wilde's Army! I was in the 11000 range there, too (11,324, to be exact). Sometime overnight, lots of people bought my books. Thank you!!


I'm so surprised and happy and grateful and . . . maybe the title of this post is wrong. I'm not speechless!

Anyway, to spread the joy, I've attached a Rafflecopter contest to this post. Share the news about Wilde's Fire and Army, and you just may win an autographed copy of both books!

<3 Krystal

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

One Ghost Per Serving

Nervous about Friday the 13th? Want to make sure your luck stays good? I have a solution. Enter the One Ghost Per Serving Good Luck Giveaway. The more entries you have, the more good luck you are guaranteed. The luckiest THIRTEEN entrants will win a free digital copy of One Ghost Per Serving by Nina Post.
Possessed by Rex, a mischievous spirit, Eric Snackerge’s life has careened out of control. Losing his scholarship and getting blacklisted from the legal profession are just the start – now his best-friend-turned-enemy is in danger of stealing away his family, too.
An unusual contest may be his last chance to make his daughter’s dreams come true. But he’ll have to overcome his own self-doubt — not to mention the seemingly impossible odds — in order to achieve that goal.
As Eric and his ghostly companion soon learn, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill sweepstakes. When the sponsors begin dispatching spy cameras, attack helicopters, and the kitchen sink – all to make sure that Eric doesn’t get any further – it becomes clear that the contest is only the first phase of a much larger, sinister plan to spread a supernatural pathogen throughout the food supply.
Do Eric and Rex have what it takes to foil the villains’ plan and protect the Snackerge family from becoming the next victims?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Flattery and All That Stuff

My sister-in-law called me Sunday evening to wish me a happy birthday. She was out of town on Saturday, so we didn't get to talk then. When I answered the phone, she was giggling, and I knew this wasn't your average phone call.

Apparently she went camping over the weekend, and Saturday night she was walking in the forest, without a flashlight, and thought she saw one of these:

Now, seeing one of these would freak out even the bravest of men and women, but most people understand these things don't exist. That is, unless, you're my amazing SIL who's recently read Wilde's Fire and Wilde's Army.

Her fear is flattering!

The picture above, my friends, is of a daemon. He's mean, heartless, a cold killer with no moral conscience to stop him from slaughtering innocent men, women, and children in a quest for something he probably doesn't have the brain capacity to understand. The creature above is a prominent threat to Kate, the main character in my books, and her friends.

So, what did my SIL do when she thought she saw one of these mangled creatures running around the woods in Arkansas?

She ran back to get a flashlight, of course!

I love you, Allison! Thank you for being such a great fan.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Birthday Party Announcements!

Thank you to everyone who participated in my birthday bash! I had a great day, and I even converted to the "dark side" by requesting a Kindle--which my family bought for me--to read on. Yes, I still love the smell and feel and all that of paper books, but now I can buy books the instant they come out! No more trips to the store. No more laboring over the price . . . although, the first book I purchased for my Kindle was ungodly expensive. $11 for an ebook??

Okay, I'm rambling.

I'm sure you're all dying to know who won the stuff.

Drum Roll Please . . . .

Autographed copy of Wilde's Fire . . . Thomas Renwart.

Autographed copy of Wilde's Army . . . EM Castellan.

Wilde's Fire poster . . . Megan J. Wille.

Wilde's Army poster . . . Victoria Smith.

Signed cover cards and magnets for each book . . . Tracy Pittman.

If you're one of the lucky winners, please e-mail me at krystalwade70 [at] yahoo [dot] com with your shipping information, and I'll get your stuff out this weekend!

Thanks again for playing along!

Letter to my YA self - Jade Hart

I have one last letter to my YA self to share before I hand the reins back to Krystal. Krystal has returned to earth after a well-deserved vacation.

My turn now… I’m Jade Hart, author of soon to be published New Adult novel SAMSARA, a story which turns Gods and Goddesses into flesh and blood, flawed characters and puts a twist on an ever-lasting love story and amnesia.

(Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of me younger. L )

Dear 14-year-old Jade,

I’m writing to you from a happy place, a place in the future where your dreams have come true and your life-path directed you to a man who is your perfect puzzle piece. I know all your deepest secrets, and all the feelings of insecurity and unsureness. I want to give you some pearls of wisdom from myself to yourself.

Leaving Hong Kong at 13 was hard. It shattered you. Your life: full of heat, animals and friends was ripped away and replaced with freezing weather and even colder friends. Your parent’s marriage crumbled and life sucked the second you touched down in New Zealand. I’m here to tell you that it isn’t that bad. Don’t stress that no-one at school likes you. They’re jealous that you’re exotic and different. Don’t try to act out; don’t pretend to fit in with rebellious crowd, and DON’T stoop to their level and do drugs. In a few short years you will have the guts to say NO. To say: I don’t need this soul-crushing hatred from students who don’t matter.  I don’t need this crap education that New Zealand schools are terrible at providing. You will grow the balls to say NO to your father and to go on your own path.

I’m here to say. YES. Drop out of school, go on that Travel and Tourism course and get distinctions in all subjects. YES. Become an air hostess – the youngest ever at 17. YES. Save every penny you earn so that when you turn 18 you can jump on a jet-plane and head to Sydney, Australia.

I don’t want you to change ANYTHING. You were true to your heart and didn’t let anyone push you from your path. Stay on your journey and you will find the man who is your perfect other. Together you accomplish everything you put your mind to and more. You move countries a lot, you start businesses and sell them, you renovate houses together, and most importantly you work side by side on your passions and dreams.

Together you are unstoppable and you are exactly where you need to be in 2012. The future is bright and your book is soon to be published. You couldn’t be happier.

Love, your 27 year old self.


What a beautiful and uplifting way to end the series. Thank you for this, "I don’t want you to change ANYTHING. You were true to your heart and didn’t let anyone push you from your path." No regrets. I love it!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Letter to my YA self - Kevin Jackson

We have something very special for our letter to my YA self series today...a guy! Kevin asked if those with Y chromosomes were eligible to participate because he had a few word for his YA self. And of course, I said yes!

Kevin Jackson is an award-winning screen writer. He is also President & Managing Partner of MyTeeVee, LLC (www.myteevee.tv), a partner in Lobo Production Group (www.lobopg.com), and the Operations Manager for Curiosity Quills Press (www.curiosityquills.com).


Dear 16 Year Old Kevin,

The fact that everyone feels sorry for you because of what happened to your father is NOT a license for you to act like an idiot and do whatever the hell you want in the name of "having fun." Yes, having fun is important, and there are far too many people out there who take life much too seriously, but life requires balance. Jeopardizing your potential just so that you can party a little more is idiotic, and taking advantage of the fact that everyone just assumes your "struggling" to deal with your father's accident is manipulative and selfish.

You're right, okay? -- you should be able to do what you want when you want. But you're 16 -- you haven't even begun to discover who you are and what you can really be, and if you stay on this path you'll delay those discoveries by many years, if you even make them at all. You have the potential to do anything in the world that you want (I know older people say that to younger people all the time, but in your case it's actually true). You need to spend more time figuring out what that is and less time screwing around just because you know you can. The sooner you realize this, the fewer years you'll later regret having wasted.

The universe has given you so many gifts, not the least of which is the knowledge of how important it is to live the life that you want to live. Embrace those gifts, don't waste them.

With much love,

You in 20+ years
Thank you Kevin! Sage advice for your younger self. I'm glad he grew up to become awesome. :)

P.S. Hey Krystal - Congratulations on 300 followers!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Letter to my YA self - Courtney Young

Our next guest in the letter to my YA self series is Courtney Young. Her debut novel, After The Woods, will be published soon by Curiosity Quills Press. From her profile, "I love reading YA but am not opposed to other genres. I have also dabbled in romance and psychological thrillers. I live for the theatre, camping, traveling, writing, photography, reading, and twitter. Too many hobbies and not enough time!"

She's not kidding about the camping. She's always making me jealous by tweeting photos of her awesome camping trips and bike rides. She also gets extra awesome points because we got to meet in person and eat frozen yogurt together. :)

And now to hand it over to Courtney...

high school senior pic.jpg  2000_2001.jpg  courtcourt.jpg 

There are so many things that I want to tell you including some mistakes that I wish I could tell you to avoid. Instead of giving you step-by-step directions or a how-to guide on how to live for the next 10 years, I am sending you insight. The year is 2012… 12 years in the future. Don’t let the year freak you out; the world is not going to end in 2012. The hype is similar to Y2K, which you have recently experienced already. It was quite silly wasn’t it?

You are 17 and the year is 2000. Your life is changing at a rapid rate; even your appearance is changing. Puberty is an evil B-I-T-…. but we all go through it. That is one of the many joys of becoming an adult.

Your senior year of high school will be your favorite. You’ll do things that you didn’t think was possible. Remember when you didn’t get chosen to be on the soccer team your freshman year and you cried for weeks? Well, you really show them you are good enough to play. You keep that promise to yourself and make the team and even continue to play on co-ed teams a few years after high school. Enjoy the strength and being athletic. You are in the best shape of your life!

The summer of 2001 will be one of the best summers of your life. Treasure each moment as it happens. You’ll fall in love for the first time and even kiss a boy. You’ll kiss that boy a lot. It is a simple relationship that you will later term as your first "puppy love". It is true what they say; a person never forgets their first love. You do sweet little things for one another and you honestly think that you will be together forever and ever and ever. But you should remove the blinders sweetheart because your heart will be broken. The breakup makes you physically sick. Don’t be cruel or say mean things after it is over. If you are hateful, you will push people away and some of those friendships will never return. 

Don’t be too upset! You do find love when you are least looking for it. You will spend the rest of your life with him. He loves you when you don’t love yourself. He laughs at your stupid jokes. Yes, even the really stupid ones.

Quit thinking that you are not good enough to be loved by anyone. You have so much self-hate and for no reason. You think cruel things about yourself and there is no excuse for it. You wouldn’t say those mean things to your closest friend so why do you insist upon thinking them about yourself? You constantly think you are ugly or not good enough. I look back at pictures of you in 2000 – 2001 and I wonder why I ever thought those hateful things. You are beautiful. You think you are fat? Get over it. You are not. You are fit. You are a runner. You are an athelete. You are going to have to learn to get over your insecurities and love yourself. This will be something you struggle with for many years so start now.

People you love will pass away. Let me stress how important it is to cherish those that are in your life at this very moment. Some of your friends will not grow old with you and others you won’t associate with in later years. Losing people is inevitable and it is not easy. I can’t tell you how to get over the loss. I can only tell you to take your time grieving. Time really does heal wounds and one day you will be able to smile at the memories you shared together instead of cry. I promise.

Quit being embarrassed of who you are. So many times you get embarrassed over the silliest things. When you are 28, you will not care so much. Stop over analyzing conversations and feeling stupid for telling people how you feel. It is ok to laugh at your own jokes. Be YOU. People like you and want to be around YOU. I can happily say that you have not pretended to be someone you are not for a few years, be proud of that and stay true to yourself.

Having self-confidence and being comfortable in your own skin will be very important in the future, start practicing that now also. It is ok to be a square but don't try to judge people so much. Nothing you say will change your friends who want to drink, smoke, and have tons of sex. Just because you aren't doing it (literally) doesn't mean that you are better than them. Just be their friend as best as you can, they rely on your comfort when things suck. 
I now laugh at how squarish and modest I was. It was cute and defiantly not a bad thing.

Stand up for what is right without being a smart mouth or rude. Your mouth can and will get you in trouble. With that being said, turning a blind eye is not the best solution either. Pick and choose your battles. You will learn that some aren't worth fighting and others you fight way too hard. Choosing your battles will be a task but worth it and less stress. It really is true that if you give someone an inch they will take a mile.

You are independent but sometimes you are a little too independent. It is ok to ask people to help you. It is also ok to tell people no. If you do not learn those two things you will be taken advantage of over the next few years. NO and PLEASE HELP. Burn those into your mind.

Your parents are never going to change. As much as you want them to go to every high school or college event, they are not going to. This upsets you and will never stop bothering you. It still bothers me today but you have to forgive them for their faults. Don’t let their lack of public support stop you from following your dreams and performing. Although they aren’t in the audience or stands, doesn’t mean they don’t care. They aren’t perfect or social.

College is great. Think long and hard about what YOU what to be whenever you “grow up”. You will struggle. Let me say it again, YOU WILL STRUGGLE. You will live day-to-day and paycheck to paycheck through college. You will have your lights turned off; have nothing to eat in the refrigerator, and no gas in your car but you survive. Those moments make you realize that you are a fighter and you push through them. I look back at those moments and realize they built character. Having a not-so-perfect young adult life makes you appreciate things much more when you are older.

Don’t let people’s negative thoughts bring you down. Don’t let anything get you down. Ever. You make it through all the rough patches. Even when you don’t know how you are going to make it, you somehow do. Don’t give up. Don’t you ever give up. I stress it but I know you aren’t going to, it isn’t in your character.

2001 will be different for many reasons. America will be different. The world is changing. Make your decisions wisely, I am the person I am today because of the choices you are making now.

Remember that life isn’t all about winning, getting the lead part, having millions of dollars, being popular, thin, or looking cool. Life is about living and enjoying every moment. You only get to be a teenager for a few years and then you grow up and have grown up responsibility. DREAM BIG! Have fun and go get em’ tiger.

You are strong, independent, and unstoppable and I love you.

Your NOT-SO-OLD 28 year old self,

CoUrTnEy (yes, I am aware that every other letter is cute)

p.s. Remember when you thought 30 was old?

p.s.s. In an alternate universe, this letter is really sent back to the past to my 17 year old self. Crazy.


Thank you Courtney! Such great advice. I love this one, "Having a not-so-perfect young adult life makes you appreciate things much more when you are older." So true.

It's My Party!

Today's my birthday, and I'm feeling very generous. As many of you know, Wilde's Army released a few days ago--great birthday present, huh?

So in honor of my 28th year on this planet--hehe--I'm hosting a little giveaway. How cool is that?

All you have to do is leave a comment, or tweet about Wilde's Army, or like me on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter. It's that simple! And look at all those great prizes!

Now, I'm off to eat some cake . . . .

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Letter to my YA self - Ayden Morgen

Our next letter to my YA self comes from Curiosity Quills Author Ayden Morgen.

Ayden lives in Little Rock, Arkansas with her real life hero, their adopted teenage daughter, and three insane pets. She has a graduate degree in Criminal Justice, works as a volunteer coordinator for one of her favorite charities, and plans to save the world someday. When she isn’t writing, she spends her time teaching her niece and nephews useless facts, hanging out with her family, dancing in odd places, and fundraising for nonprofits close to her heart. Look for her exciting debut novel, Fade, later this year. You can learn more about her and Fade at: http://akmorgen.com

Dear Fourteen-Year-Old Self,

You and I need to talk.

You’ve recently realized that being a hippy isn’t considered a valid career choice. You can’t live off of love, and wildflowers won’t buy the gas needed to fuel the VW Bus you so desperately want.  

I know these truths have pained you.

You've had this life plan since you were a kid, and have always been so determined to see it through. Now that you’ve realized the truth, you’re struggling to figure out where you do fit, and you’re questioning a lot of things about yourself.

But don't worry about any of this, because you'll soon learn that the world needs more people like you.

Yes, you. The impatient, snarky you. The can't-keep-her-mouth-shut-to-save-her-life you. The bored out of her mind and probably causing mischief you. The silly you. The bubbly you. The you who's probably sitting in alternative school right now, busted for another misguided attempt to protect her friends. The dreamer. The idealist. The girl who drives her mother insane finding every creative, inventive argument possible to keep herself out of trouble. Even the you who knows exactly where everything is in her wreck of a bedroom.

You might not believe me now, but you'll see.

Next year, you're going to watch a young friend get caught up in a robbery, and sent off to prison for murder. It's going to shock and horrify you, and it is going to give you the drive you need to pursue new dreams. As a result, in six years, you're going to find yourself sitting in a classroom, listening to your Introduction to Criminal Justice professor talk about a young man who walked down the long hall from his cell on death row and climbed into a chair.

She's going to tell your class how, even as they hooked him up to the various drugs about to pump into his system, the smile didn't leave his face. And then she's going to tell you that he'd battled serious mental illness his entire life, and right up until that last moment, he genuinely believed he was going to survive lethal injection.

The rest of your class is going to laugh at his naïveté. But you're not. You're going to sit quietly while your professor berates your classmates for their lack of empathy. At the end of the lesson, you're still going to be thinking about that young man. And then you're going to get up, and go about your life for a while. Every few days, your experience in that classroom is going to come back to you. It’s going to bother you every time you think about it, and it’s going to make you a little sad.  

Eventually, you’re going to watch American History X with your nephew. He’s going to ask why people are so mean. When you try to explain, he’s going to think seriously about what you’re saying, and then he’s going to tell you something that will stay with you for a very long time. He’s going to tell you that people should be nice to one another because, “they have eyes, too.”

As you talk to him, you're going to realize that your childish dream of being a hippy wasn't a total idealistic pitfall. You might not drive around in a VW Bus or skip through fields of wildflowers, but that's okay, because somewhere along the way, you were able to help instill the values you cherish in those around you. You will realize that the world never needed another hippy, they needed you. The idealist. The dreamer. The girl with her head in the clouds. The one everyone said was too compassionate, too idealistic, too much trouble, and too much of a dreamer.

You're not, and when you realize this, it will give you the drive you needed to stand up and fight for what you believe in. And you will realize that what you really believe in is rather beautiful in its simplicity.

You believe in the power of good.

Right now, you probably don't understand exactly how powerful that belief can be, or how it’s going to change your life. But you will realize this soon enough, and the experiences you will have as a result are going to stay with you for a long, long time. They'll make you angry. They'll make you sad. They will make you cry. But you won't regret a single moment of them, and neither will the people you’re able to help along the way, or the friends you make as a result.

Even if your dreams do seem impossible now, some day, while sitting on the couch with your nephew, you’ll realize you weren’t as far off as you thought you were. You might not have that van, but you have something better. You have the ability to dream big, and the desire to share those dreams with others.   And that is something the world will always need.

So keep dreaming, fourteen year old self, keep dreaming.


P.S. You'll be pleased to know that, in the future, cookies still won't have calories when eaten in bed, you will not use algebra, and the Blackhawks will finally win another Stanley Cup.


This is great, Ayden! I loved learning more about you and spending some time with a flower child teenager :). Your nephew's wisdom was beautiful, "they have eyes too."

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Letter to my YA self - Sharon Bayliss

Me at 16 (I think...I don't organize my photos very well)

And it's my turn....

I'm Sharon Bayliss, author of the upcoming New Adult novel THE CHARGE, a story about a college freshman who learns he may be part of the Texas royal family. Did I mention it was an alternate history?
Without further ado, here is my letter to my YA self:

Dear 14-year-old Sharon,

You don't know me yet, but we're about as close as two people can be. My name is Sharon and I'm from the year 2012. That's right…I'm you from the future. I know ALL about you – all of your fears, all of your insecurities, and all those embarrassing secrets. And I'm sad to say you'll rack up quite a few more in the next several years. As you know from the Back to the Future movies, no one should know too much about their own destiny. But I do have a few helpful tips I'd like to share:

       You think you're fat, but you're not. In fact, you're smoking hot. But you know what…don't even worry about that. You'll actually be hotter when you have more years and more pounds on you, because confidence is way sexier than thinness.
       Take care of your body. We're still using it. I probably can't talk you out of the drinking and smoking, but at the very least, wear sunscreen and floss. And while we're at it…a diet coke and a bag of pretzels is not a meal.
       Stop giving boys all the power in relationships. Newsflash – you've had boobs since you were 11, YOU have all the power. You're way hotter than those little boys, make them beg!
       Never cut fruit while holding it in your hand. Just don't.
       Keep writing. It will pay off one day!
       The world hasn't ended, at least not yet. So scratch that from your list of concerns.
       Invent Facebook. It's this social network website where people….oh, nevermind. I know you don't have the computer savvy for that. It was worth a try.
       Sex is supposed to feel really good. Yes, that's right, even for the girl. If it doesn't, don't do it.
       That beautiful blue-eyed boy who shows up in your dreams IS real and you will meet him. As a matter of fact, he now sleeps in your bed. But I won't tell you when and how you'll meet him. You'll just have to wait and see. ;) (P.S. this weird symbol from the future means *wink*)
       Bad things will happen to you in the next few years and you'll be unhappy for a long time. I would tell you who to avoid and what not to do, but I'm afraid you'll have to go through it all again. The bad things that happen to you will make you into the woman you are today. And I wouldn't change her for anything.
       One day you'll have everything you ever wanted and will be happier than you ever thought possible. When everything seems hopeless, just remember to pray and know that it all happens for a reason.

Your 30-year-old self

Young me writing...with a pen! I haven't done that in a long time.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wilde's Army #newrelease

Today is the special day!


Can you believe it? (Neither can I!)

So, while bombs are bursting in air, snuggle in with your favorite reader (or a paperback) and get to reading!

I don't have links yet (I'm not even near my computer), but you can go to Amazon, B&N, iBooks, and Kobo to purchase your copy.

Happy 4th of July, everyone!


If you still haven't purchased a copy of Wilde's Fire, you can get yours today: B&N, Amazon, Kobo, & iTunes.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Letter to my YA self - Jamie Ayres

Our next letter to be jettisoned into the past is from YA author Jamie Ayers Jamie Ayres writes young adult paranormal love stories by night and teaches young adults as a public school teacher by day. When not at home on her laptop or at school, she can often be found at a local book store grabbing random children and reading to them. So far, she has not been arrested for this. She loves lazy pajama days, the first page of a good book, stupid funny movies, and sharing stories with fantastic people like you. Her first novel, 18 Things, will be published by Curiosity Quills later this year. Visit her website at www.jamieayres.com.

Dear Jamie Reynolds,

If my calculations are correct, you will receive this letter on your fourteenth birthday, August 28, 1993. First, let me assure you that you are alive and well. You’re 32 now, but your story is still being written. Your life has become so much bigger than what you ever expected. You have a novel coming out soon! You’re a teacher, able to affect your students’ lives just like so many teachers touched yours when you thought nobody cared. You married a good and honest man who is committed and believes in you like no one else ever has. You’ve been married for 14 yrs now, and you’re about to meet him soon! You have two beautiful daughters together and you’re giving them the loving, joyful, secure childhood you never had. See . . . . 

Even though you are perfectly happy now, there are a few things I’d like to warn you about. I know you’re severely depressed right now and contemplating suicide. Please hear me out and listen to my advice.

Don’t change so much to fit in. Be bold about who you really are. Don’t seek popularity at all, but significance. Mother Teresa knew her mission in life. She said, “I’m but a pencil in the hands of the Creator, writing a love letter to His people.” Later on, you’ll join a whole misfit group of literary marauders who never fit in either and it won’t matter anymore. You’re original and you get to make a career out of being different and creative. Now that’s cool!

You’re devastated because your cool boyfriend broke up with you. You’ll be better off. He’ll start doing drugs and get a girl pregnant in high school. There will be other guys, but don’t do things this first year of high school that make you uncomfortable just to feel loved and cared for. They don’t care about you and will use you. Will lie and say you did more than you actually did and you’ll get a bad reputation that follows you around the rest of high school. People you thought were your friends will believe them and won’t stick up for you--will even join the haters and make fun of you. And for the love of God--Don’t go out with that guy you meet at Burger King!!! He’ll go on to rape your best friend. Also, don’t date one of your good friends your senior year. He’s a rebound. You wanted to be in love with him because he seemed like the perfect guy, but you weren’t and you ended up hurting him and losing him as a friend. YOU WANT SECURITY BUT YOU DON’T NEED A GUY FOR THAT!

Don’t have a one track mind and lose yourself as an individual. Yeah, you date this guy for over three years and it seems right and fun at the time, but it ruins the pureness of your relationship. True love is nurturing and helps people grow—not hold them back. It makes them a better person, not an obsessed and jealous one. I know it’s hard, but wait until you’re married. Hormones are not, I said NOT, to be trusted! DO you hear me, young lady?!

You have pimples. Build yourself a bridge and get over it! What teenager doesn’t? Quit whining and go buy yourself some Clearasil or something. And yes, your boobs are ginormous compared to all the other girls your age right now. Who cares? Embrace it! And you’re fat? Really?!?! Let me tell ya something honey, you’ll never look this good again! Shut up already, and go eat some more chocolate while your fat-burning potential is at its height. Believe me, your metabolism is all downhill from here. 

Don’t depend on others to boost your sense of worth. Don’t let insecurities, worry, stress, and fear guide your decisions. Base your decisions on what you need, not what others are telling you to do. Quit striving to please others and love yourself. You can’t truly love anyone else until you do. Your life is a journey, not a destination. It doesn’t matter where you’ve been; it matters where you’re going. All those years of obscurity, God was working on your roots. It’s who you were in the dark all those years that determines how you’ll shine in the future. Don’t let place or time or age or upbringing or social status determine your potential. Don’t be unwilling to accept the help of others because you think you’re not worth their effort. You are!

So that about covers it. Please listen to my advice, and try to look into the future outside of the next ten minutes. Yes, you’ll still make mistakes. After all, nobody is perfect, so pick yourself up and try, try again. You deserve every good thing God has planned for your life. Keep this letter as a seal upon your heart over the next few years when life seems so hard. The best days are ahead of you, but first there’s high school. And so Jamie, I now say farewell and wish you Godspeed.

Jamie Ayres

(P.S. Yep, your last name is Ayres now, not Reynolds. Spoiler Alert! Go get ‘em, girl!)

I love this one! (Of course, I've loved all of the letters in this series). Jamie that was so fun and heartfelt. I'm a big fan of this line, "Later on, you’ll join a whole misfit group of literary marauders who never fit in either and it won’t matter anymore." Yep, that's CQ alright!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Murder Mystery Suspect Dughbal Questioned

Earlier this week we introduced a very nefarious character - Dughbal from Wilde's Fire (Darkness Falls), AKA "Darkness." You don't get much more evil than Darkness itself, so naturally, this otherwordly god had to be on the suspect list. Not only is he evil, he's powerful, AND he's a shifter so it wouldn't be hard for him to take on the form of any other suspect to kill Lenny Glow. Let's see how the detectives do...

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It smelled like death. And that wasn't an exaggeration. It smelled like rotting corpses. The detectives expected to see the daemon that had been described to them. But instead, they found little Karlie Spoonfest blinking back at them innocently with red glowing eyes.

"Showing off your talent to impersonate other suspects only incriminates you further," the detective said.

The daemon shifted into Ariadne and shook his beautiful black hair. He ran his fingers up his long legs. "I could get used to these," he said in Ariadne's voice.

Before the detectives can respond, the daemon shifts again. This time he's young Weatherby Stein.

"I'm toying with you, human," Dughbal says in Weatherby's voice. "The fact that you think I would bother myself with killing an insignificant human on Earth is insulting."

"You don't seem to have any problems killing humans in Encardia. And you don't find them all to be insignificant."

He shifted back to his winged daemon self.

"Perhaps not. I would have no problem with killing you either. But my morsel, I have an alibi. I appeared to none other than Katriona Wilde on the night Lenny Glow was killed. I have bigger prey to seek."


So, Dughbal has means and could have easily shifted into another to frame them. Perhaps that could explain Rain's memory loss? But the detectives have yet to determine a motive. Although since when did a daemon need a motive to kill a human?

That's My Sister #wildesarmy #sixsunday

Now we're down to three days from the release of Wilde's Army. I'm going to be a multi-published author!!! I could cry. Actually, I think I am crying. Be right back . . . .

Okay, I've regained my composure. I love all of you who visit regularly and comment on my blogs. Without you, my success wouldn't feel nearly as great!

Now onto the six. I left you last week with a mean-ole-daemon showing off his blood to Kate's sister. But Kate's emotions spiralled a tad bit out of control, and she lost her connection to Brit.


~I'm screaming. I have no control. Opening my eyes, I jump to my feet. Flames erupt from my chest and spread to my arms and legs like fire on dry straw. I run to the winding path leading down to the horses, without sparing a second to tell Perth what's going on.

He calls to me.~

Yes, she's furious!

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