Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Flattery and All That Stuff

My sister-in-law called me Sunday evening to wish me a happy birthday. She was out of town on Saturday, so we didn't get to talk then. When I answered the phone, she was giggling, and I knew this wasn't your average phone call.

Apparently she went camping over the weekend, and Saturday night she was walking in the forest, without a flashlight, and thought she saw one of these:

Now, seeing one of these would freak out even the bravest of men and women, but most people understand these things don't exist. That is, unless, you're my amazing SIL who's recently read Wilde's Fire and Wilde's Army.

Her fear is flattering!

The picture above, my friends, is of a daemon. He's mean, heartless, a cold killer with no moral conscience to stop him from slaughtering innocent men, women, and children in a quest for something he probably doesn't have the brain capacity to understand. The creature above is a prominent threat to Kate, the main character in my books, and her friends.

So, what did my SIL do when she thought she saw one of these mangled creatures running around the woods in Arkansas?

She ran back to get a flashlight, of course!

I love you, Allison! Thank you for being such a great fan.


  1. Whoa! That's one scare dude up there!! You SIL is a hell of a lot braver than me!! lol

  2. NOw I'll have this image in my head while I'm reading, glancing around my house paranoid late at night--thanks a lot;-)

  3. I would've ran away screaming bloody murder!


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