Sunday, July 1, 2012

Murder Mystery Suspect Dughbal Questioned

Earlier this week we introduced a very nefarious character - Dughbal from Wilde's Fire (Darkness Falls), AKA "Darkness." You don't get much more evil than Darkness itself, so naturally, this otherwordly god had to be on the suspect list. Not only is he evil, he's powerful, AND he's a shifter so it wouldn't be hard for him to take on the form of any other suspect to kill Lenny Glow. Let's see how the detectives do...

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It smelled like death. And that wasn't an exaggeration. It smelled like rotting corpses. The detectives expected to see the daemon that had been described to them. But instead, they found little Karlie Spoonfest blinking back at them innocently with red glowing eyes.

"Showing off your talent to impersonate other suspects only incriminates you further," the detective said.

The daemon shifted into Ariadne and shook his beautiful black hair. He ran his fingers up his long legs. "I could get used to these," he said in Ariadne's voice.

Before the detectives can respond, the daemon shifts again. This time he's young Weatherby Stein.

"I'm toying with you, human," Dughbal says in Weatherby's voice. "The fact that you think I would bother myself with killing an insignificant human on Earth is insulting."

"You don't seem to have any problems killing humans in Encardia. And you don't find them all to be insignificant."

He shifted back to his winged daemon self.

"Perhaps not. I would have no problem with killing you either. But my morsel, I have an alibi. I appeared to none other than Katriona Wilde on the night Lenny Glow was killed. I have bigger prey to seek."


So, Dughbal has means and could have easily shifted into another to frame them. Perhaps that could explain Rain's memory loss? But the detectives have yet to determine a motive. Although since when did a daemon need a motive to kill a human?


  1. Great excerpt.
    Also, sent you a Dm on twitter, please check.


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