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Wilde's Army

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Wilde's Meadow

The conclusion of Katriona and Arland's story.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Wow. I haven't written a blog for a while.

I'm sorry.

Honestly, I've been writing up a storm, but it's all taken place in the background, and I haven't found much time to break away to chat over here. It's difficult for writers to blog all the time, write books, edit books, market books--whatever. I didn't come here to complain.

What I came here for was to tell you that I JUST FINISHED WRITING ANOTHER BOOK! Woot. It's called CHARMING, if you couldn't tell by the ridiculously, and quickly, made logo at the top of this post. Yes, I made the logo. No, I didn't take much time or put a lot of thought into it. But when I said CHARMING, I didn't want you to think sunshine and roses. I wanted you to think BLOOD.

Because I am crazy!

You all knew that, however.

Now that I've finished this edge-of-your-seat, coming-of-age thriller (yep, THRILLER!), I realize I should probably write a synopsis, maybe a back of the book blurb, possibly even put some information about the book on this website. And I will, eventually. My agent is foaming at the mouth to get CHARMING in her hands, and I promised to email it by the 20th of this month, so I know I need to hurry.

But yet another story is knocking on my brain, begging me to write it. So, I guess I'll have to keep two notebooks handy: one for story-building, and the other for dreaming up the horrid synopsis.

And for those of you keeping tabs, SHATTERED SECRETS has been revamped and given a whole new vibe. I'm hoping to have that one on shelves for you soon!

In the meantime, if you all wouldn't mind throwing out some female and male character names for me, that would be great (this would be for the new story coming to my mind). The female lead is HORRIBLE, probably more like a villain than a good girl, teenager, has no friends, thinks of herself as invisible. There are two guys: one's an all-around good guy, football player, popular; the other guy is a football player but not popular and a lot darker in terms of his attitude, but he is a good guy.

So . . . names! Toss 'em at me!

<3 Krystal

Sunday, October 6, 2013

FALL by A.K. Morgen, and More Random Babbling

More random babbling. Just kidding. I think I'm coherent enough to write something. What's that? Oh, Chris Charming, you're so adorably annoying.

Crap! Once again caught up in my head.

I better be quick about this. So, I asked AK Morgen (a very awesome friend of mine) about Character Continuity within a series, and below you'll find her answer. Make sure to grab a copy of FALL asap!

Character Continuity: What the Heck was I Thinking?!

One of my biggest pet peeves is a lack of character continuity in a series. Nothing throws me out of a story as fast as a character who acts completely at odds with who he or she is supposed to be, and for no real reason. A character who is set up to act one way in Book One shouldn't act a completely different way in Book Two unless there's a good reason. Character growth should be gradual. In a good story, it's also reasonable and generally provoked by the internal and external conflicts that particular character is required to deal with. If there's not a valid reason for a character to flip a behavioral switch, the integrity of the story becomes eroded, leaving readers wondering what the heck happened and why.

But ensuring character continuity is not always so easily done!

I began writing FADE, the first book the Ragnarök Prophesies series, seven years ago. I didn't really start working on book two, FALL, until 2012. I grew during the six years in between, and so did our main characters, Arionna Jacobs and Dace Matthews. That meant we all had to strip away so much of that growth and go back to the beginning. I had to relearn who these characters are and what motivates them. I also had to make sure they grew from FADE, but not quite so far as they had in my head in the last seven years.

As my beta team can attest, that was a nightmare for all of us at times. I wrote, rewrote, and then tore it up and started over so many times, they were ready to mutiny. I'm serious! They were one email away from killing me in my sleep.

On top of that, Arionna and Dace are in a unique position in that they share their souls with these mythic wolves, Geri and Freki, who have their own personalities, their own experiences, and their own way of dealing with all the sad and scary things happening in their world. Their motivations sometimes bleed over for Ari and Dace, meaning I had to find a way to make that work while still ensuring they were their own separate entities.

To do so, I'd spend a little time writing short pieces from different perspectives. How would the wolves cope with X if they were in charge? How would Ari deal with Y if she was forced into the back seat for a while? What would Dace do if Geri wasn't there? This exercise allowed me to get to know all my characters better, which helped me stay true to them while still letting those necessary bits bleed through.

Granted, that was frequently harder said than done, but I have to confess I'm pretty pleased with the outcome. Despite the six year gap in writing and the extraordinary situation they find themselves in, FALL sees Ari and Dace grow in a way that's true to who they were when FADE ended. And I now get to dive into the third book, FLAME, feeling as if no time at all has passed since I began writing their story so long ago.

I just love that because I have no idea what I was thinking waiting so long between stories! :) 

BLURB: How do you save someone who doesn't want to be saved?

Those called to stand guard against the end are broken, and Sköll and Hati run free. Now Arionna Jacobs and Dace Matthews face a threat unlike any before. Ragnarök is coming and they aren't strong enough to stop it.

Arionna thought she understood sacrifice, but she never counted on her destiny tearing Dace apart. Ever since she nearly died, he has been consumed with guilt. Now it threatens to turn him into the monster he always feared.

It's up to Arionna to stop him before it's too late, but the path to hell is paved with good intentions, and Dace is hurtling toward self destruction. This time, Arionna isn't sure she can save him from himself. Can she convince him to let the past go, or is her true destiny to sacrifice her heart in exchange for the lives of the people she loves?

You can read the official prologue to FALL here.

FALLThe Ragnarök Prophesies: Book Two will be available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble on October 5, 2013 from Curiosity Quills Press.  FADE – The Ragnarök Prophesies: Book One is available now at Amazon US, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo.

Blog Tour Giveaway:

About the Author:

A.K. Morgen lives in Little Rock, Arkansas with her husband, three dogs, and demonic cat. She has a graduate degree in Criminal Justice and Law, and plans to save the world some day. When she’s not writing, she spends her time teaching her niece and nephews how to cause mischief. You can also find her dancing in the grocery store, building a spork army, and fundraising for nonprofits close to her heart.

You can learn more about Ayden at http://akmorgen.com or by following her on Twitter, Goodreads, or Facebook.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Best Laid Plans, and Random Babbling

Okay, so there are lots of new booksies coming out, and I am only one girl. I shall try, but I don't particularly think I can remember to post all these posts on certain days because I am more concerned with the book I am writing than with the world outside my head.

Yep. It's true. Hate me if you wish. Point your finger and call me a lunatic, but I'll just ignore that and keep writing.

In the meantime, I've agreed to host a dangerously long list of new and upcoming releases by friends of mine. (Hey you, in the corner, snickering about my imaginary friends, take a hike!)

The first is by . . . Tamara Mataya! I've heard rumors about this book, and, um, that cover tells me they're true. So, if you're one of my younger fans, avert your eyes. If you're one of my older fans . . . keep reading.

Jayne Griffin isn’t looking for Mr. Right. She’s looking for Mr. RTFN and a toe-curling good time. She’s got the brains, the powerful job as a futures broker, and thanks to a makeover and a thin book of dating advice, the confidence to turn any man’s head.

Malcolm Black notices his high school crush, Jayne, from the stage of her company’s work party. His adolescent feelings for her died beneath months of abuse at the hands of bullies. Abuse that was Jayne’s fault. Though this scorching hot studio musician is unrecognizable as the band geek he used to be, the hurt still lives inside him, and he hatches a plan: Seduce Jayne into falling in love with him, and then shatter her heart.

The white-hot chemistry between them is a pleasant surprise. It all goes so smoothly until feelings start to develop... and that invitation to their ten year high school reunion lands in their inboxes.

Jayne wants the perfect lover. Malcolm wants revenge. But you know what they say about The Best Laid Plans...

Coming November 12th 2013 from Swoon Romance

Should have a cover reveal for Ayden Morgen coming on Sunday! Check back soon!

<3 Krystal

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

EVADE's Book Birthday!

Well, today is the day, folks. My amazing friend, critique partner, beta reader, last-minute-do-what-I-need-girl, Jessa Russo's second book in the EVER trilogy released yesterday, and today is my day to rave about it!

Take a deep breath . . .


You know you want to because, OMG, she made us wait a year--a YEAR--before releasing this book after leaving us with that god-awfully wonderful cliffhanger. Who am I kidding? You're probably not even reading this because you've already meandered over to Amazon to buy your copy. Am I right?

For those of you still here, shut up and don't answer that.

I won't take up any more of your time, just buy it, read it, love it. I did. I gave this baby 5 out of 5 twinkling stars, because my goodness this book is a roller coaster!

EVADE's Links:

EVER's Links: 

Jessa's Links:

Friday, September 13, 2013


This may be one of my favorite series and one of my favorite authors. I love Toby and Frankie and Ever and all their problems. I can't WAIT for this to come out. And HA HA! I get to read it before you do. :-P
In this thrilling sequel, Ever Van Ruysdael's race to beat the odds—and the clock—begins with the introduction of an integral part of her past. As secrets are revealed, and truths uncovered, she learns her imminent death is the least of her problems: Ariadne did more than just put an expiration date on her life; she marked Ever's soul by upping its value for greedy collectors looking to buy their freedom.

Condemned by the countdown on her life, and hunted by hired Seekers, Ever’s journey leads her to question everything she’s known and everyone she’s trusted, while growing closer to the one person from her past she was determined to avoid—and the one guy she never could—Toby James.

With her ex-boyfriend by her side, and the countdown clock rapidly ticking away, Ever tries thwarting fate’s plans. But as her nineteenth birthday approaches, and desperate Seekers follow her every move, she may be too late.

A marked soul is hard to come by … and even harder to escape



GRAB A COPY OF EVER: Book One of The EVER Trilogy!

Cover Photo: Face On By Tamara Website | Facebook | Twitter 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

In Which I Rant: Politics

UPDATE: Literally seconds after posting this, I read that Syria is turning its weapons over to the UN. So...yay, World.

I don't usually post political things. I don't post because I don't think I'm the smartest person in the world, the most informed, nor do I think I understand everything.

I realize I am just one person with strong opinions. I know I operate quite often out of a place of emotions combined with logical thinking.

What I'm saying is: I know that I'm quite often wrong.

So, just keep that in mind as you read my rant about the US and Syria. But what I would encourage you to do after reading this is take a moment and evaluate this situation for yourself, read as many articles as you can, ask yourself WHY after every statement made by a politician. I urge you to research those whys.

Then, when you've made YOUR OWN decision about what the US should do there (and how it will impact our WORLD forever), I want you to compare what's happening in Syria to other similar (or even not so similar) LIFE-IMPACTING things. Such as "Genocide in Rwanda", "Homelessness in America", "Cancer in America". Do a tally of the amount of people those things impacted or currently impact. I also want you to take note of how many people there are in the world. Then, ask yourself if striking on behalf of Syrians, as sad as innocent lives being lost is, and ask yourself this question: Is every single life on the planet worth stopping their civil war?

Now, I promised a rant, and here it is. I almost posted this on Facebook but thought...nah. Let me blog about it. Let me make this permanent. Because even though I realize I will receive some backlash for my OPINION and my EMOTIONS, I stand by what I've said.

It really saddens me that we as human beings have progressed so far yet we still believe blowing each other up is acceptable. It saddens me that politicians who apparently have zero concept of reality wish to strike a country that DID NOT STRIKE US FIRST. I'm sad that DC is even considering what they're considering, and I'm sad that some voters even support what politicians are considering.

I'm sad that Washington thinks our military (our SONS and our DAUGHTERS) can even handle more fighting, more pain and suffering and time away from their families. For what purpose? We are not the police of the world.

I'm sad for the innocent lives lost in Syria. I'm sad that our government feels responsible for those innocent lives, and I'm certainly sad that our government is willing to engage in WWIII and risk AMERICAN INNOCENT LIVES.

I'm sad that this country has become so engaged with the international community that it forgot to be what made it great.

I'm sad that so many people will probably argue with me, or blame Bush, or say Bush did something similar in Iraq, or blame Republicans, or Democrats, or Liberals, or whatever. This is NOT the same as Iraq, Afghanistan, or simply any war of the past.

This is a situation in which members of the ridiculous international committees have THREATENED THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IF WE TAKE ACTION.

I'm sad that our government feels the need to make threats and engage in this anyway, to so callously say, "Ha ha. You can't threaten us."

I'm sad they think themselves indestructible, because frankly that's what makes us the most vulnerable. I'm sad that there are millions of people suffering all over the world of starvation, disease, homelessness and yet we are willing to let them suffer of starvation, disease, homelessness while we strike a country who needs to figure their own war out.

This is not about politics, or whether you're a Republican or Democrat or other such party affiliation. Your conscience should not be clear because you chose to agree with a party line. You need to question EVERYTHING Congress does, because you voted for them. You need to question EVERYTHING our country engages in, because YOU PUT THOSE PEOPLE INTO POWER who decide YOUR FATE.

Think, people. Think long and hard about what we're positioning ourselves to do here. Think beyond a strike by our government (which is FOR THE PEOPLE AND BY THE PEOPLE and you better believe that everyone outside this country sees our government AS US. They will seek revenge on US ALL.) tomorrow, or the next day. Think about what that strike will mean to others, how they'll get back at us. Think about your neighbor, the active duty military member. Think about what this will mean for them. Think about your lifestyle, our economy. Think beyond one simple strike. Because nothing is simple.

And, please, for what it's worth THINK FOR YOURSELF.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

POP TRAVEL #newrelease #books

It's great to be visiting Krystal! Thanks for having me! Krystal gave me a great question to ponder for this post "What part of me is in my main character?" I love it!

When I named the MC of Pop Travel, it had to involve my three sons - J.L. Cooper (Jace, Logan, & Cooper!) They are my boys! Love them to pieces! Even when they're at each other's throats. It's all good! The MC, Cooper is also a pilot, like my dad, is from Michigan, like my hub, and lives near Atlanta, my favorite city.

As for character traits, his sarcastic, dry humor is all me. Though I love to help and encourage others, I'm also a doubter. Don't want to be taken for a fool. I'm suspicious of every strange phone number that pops up on my caller ID. I also like to do things my way and be in charge. All of the above qualities make me a great teacher - ha! And make Cooper a perfect private eye. But Cooper has lots of qualities I don't have, as well. He has guts, for one, and other guy traits, like not wanting to talk about his feelings, inconsiderate sometimes, you know how guys are! ha!

Well, that's J.L. Cooper. He's fun to write, but his supporting characters are hilarious. I'm having a ball editing the next one, Simulation!

Thanks so much for this opportunity, Krystal! I really enjoyed thinking about this question!

Pop Travel by Tara Tyler
A tale of deception and teleportation.

When a distraught client enters J.L. Cooper's small town detective agency ranting about a pop travel teleportation cover up, Cooper takes the case. He blames pop travel indirectly for his wife's death and would love to expose a glitch in it.

But the glitch turns out to be disintegrating travelers. And now, his client is dead, his secretary is missing, and a hitman is stalking him. Plus there's all the webcams watching his every move. So, Cooper has to find a way to expose the deadly flaw, while using pop travel to escape the maniacs covering it up, not to mention save a couple of tag-alongs he's not sure he can trust. No problem.

Available now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble
Goodreads  <==>  Trailer  <==>  FB Author Page

After having a hand in everything from waitressing to teaching math to rocket engineering Tara Tyler now writes and teaches in Ohio with her three active boys and Coach Husband. In addition to her novels, she has published short stories and poetry in Science Fiction, Fantasy, Thriller, and Humor. So many stories to tell!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

For EVER and EVER and EVER and EVER!

Happy Release Day, EVER! 

To celebrate EVER's rebirth, and Jessa Russo’s first step into the indie self-publishing world, she is giving you the first chapter of EVER for FREE! Yup! FREE! You can read along, decide if you want more, then click on one of the buy links below to grab a copy for yourself! *Paperbacks available soon!

Check out the FREE first chapter HERE

We're also having some fun on Twitter (details below), and Jessa has also compiled TWO prize packs of super awesome stuff! There will be one (1) lucky winner in the US, and one (1) lucky winner Internationally! Want to know what we’re giving away? 


The winner(s) will receive the following items:

US ONLY Prize Pack (ONE winner):
Set of 4: custom Frankie4Ever / Toby4Ever Coasters (2 of each) + Signed EVER bookmarks +
Signed paperback copy of EVER by Jessa Russo (YA)
Complete set* of The Darkness Falls Trilogy e-books from Krystal Wade (YA)
Signed paperback copy of EYRE HOUSE by Cait Greer (NA, adult content)
Paperback copy of THE CHARGE by Sharon Bayliss (YA)
Paperback copy of SEALED WITH A CURSE by Cecy Robson (A, mature content)

INTERNATIONAL Prize Pack (ONE winner):
E-book of EVER by Jessa Russo (YA)
Complete set* of The Darkness Falls Trilogy e-books from Krystal Wade (YA)
E-book of THE CHARGE by Sharon Bayliss (YA)
E-book of BROKEN FOREST by Eliza Tilton (YA)
E-book of THE VALENTINE CHALLENGE by Marisa Cleveland (A, mature content)
E-book of THE GATHERING DARKNESS by Lisa Collicutt (YA)
E-book of 1,000 SLEEPLESS NIGHTS by Connie Michael

a Rafflecopter giveaway | a Rafflecopter giveaway


We're also going to be tweeting a bit today, to celebrate not just EVER's re-release (hashtag: #EVERTrilogy), but also playing up a major theme of the book--Ever's love for her deceased best friend. We'll be tweeting the theme with the hashtag #IfICouldBringBack and then sharing who we would bring back and why, or what we'd do with them, etc.

So, sticking with EVER as my example, the main female character of the series may tweet something like this:

#IfICouldBringBack Frankie, I'd finally tell him the truth. That I've loved him since we were in diapers. #EVERTrilogy 

Who would you want to bring back? An old flame? A relative? Maybe a famous author or dignitary? Think about it and join in the fun on Sunday, 9/1/13! We'll see you on Twitter!


The EVER Trilogy, Book One 
By Jessa Russo
September 1, 2013

Seventeen-year-old Ever’s love life has been on hold for the past two years. She’s secretly in love with her best friend Frankie, and he’s completely oblivious. Of course, it doesn't help that he’s dead, and waking up to his ghost every day has made moving on nearly impossible. 

Frustrated and desperate for something real, Ever finds herself falling for her hot new neighbor Toby. His relaxed confidence is irresistible, and not just Ever knows it. But falling for Toby comes with a price that throws Ever’s life into a whirlwind of chaos and drama. More than hearts are on the line, and more than Ever will suffer.

Some girls lose their hearts to love. 
Some girls lose their minds.
Ever Van Ruysdael could lose her soul.

Jessa Russo's Links:

Stay tuned for the second book in the trilogy, EVADE, set to release on October 1st, 2013! 
You can now add EVADE on Goodreads!

Remember to follow EVER's 9/1/13 re-release day FUN on Twitter with these hashtags: 


Friday, August 30, 2013

Colour Wielders by Dawna Raver

Since I'm a total slacker and can only focus on revisions and writing (YAY), I'm going to let Dawna say whatever she wants here. :-)


I'm happy to announce that Colour Wielders is back on the market with a pretty new face and updated content. It thrills me to be able to share it with you today. Thank you Jade Hart at Black Firefly for all her work, Michelle Johnson for my amazing cover, and Danielle Blanchard for all your hard work and help. If you have time, please stop by Facebook tonight and party with us at 4:00 central https://www.facebook.com/events/314183782060128 hosted by the wonderful Leslie Whitaker.

Behind the Faerying Mysts, hidden from Mortal eyes, is a land where gods and creatures of myth and legend dwell. And in the Mortal Realm, their Princess is hidden away. Quinn Sinclair lives an ordinary life with her less-than-loving mother in Conifer, Colorado, clueless of her true nature. On the night of her birthday, a staggering betrayal sends her life spinning out-of-control. As she struggles to pick up the pieces, a vision of a man with haunting tourmaline-blue eyes begs her for help, and she is transported into a Magykal battle-forever changing her life.

Arik Morgaine—Demigod bad boy and outcast of the Magykal Realm—tried to avoid contact with Princess Quinn for eighteen years, not wanting to make good on an old threat. But the fates have other plans. Arik can no longer deny his growing desire for Quinn, or the need to protect her from those wanting to control her burgeoning powers. Can the two of them come together and save the Magykal Realm from being destroyed by the Darkest of Magyks?

  New Adult. Recommended for 18 and above. Mature themes, sexual situations, and profanity.

click to add to

About the Author:

Dawna Raver is an author of paranormal romance and urban fantasy. Colour Wielders, Book One, is her debut novel. When she's not spending time in her fantasy world, Dawna loves football, reading, and pretending she's a top chef in the kitchen. Oh, and fawning over her dogs and husband, sometimes in that order.  

Contact Dawna at:


Thursday, August 15, 2013

We're Chicken People

When I was a little girl, going out to check the chickens in the morning used to make me angry (well, maybe during my teenage little girl years). I had to slog through the mud and muck, endure frigid mornings with a thin coat, a pail of food, and one of water. I had to endure heat that would melt ice cream in seconds.

I don't know why my parents felt the need to buy chickens instead of picking up their eggs at the store for 99 cents or a pound of their meat for a buck or two, but they did. I didn't understand it, then.


Now, I proudly own six chickens. Why? Because they're FUN. Yep, the squawking, cackling, and/or crowing--and somehow I ended up with two that crow--birds are an exciting addition to the Dehaba household.

They started out as tiny, foul-smelling things that lived in our basement and grabbed our hearts with their peep-peeping.

We spent countless hours sitting with them, petting them, holding them, yelling at the girls not to kiss them and to wash their hands!

Everyone was itching to start naming our new flock, but they were difficult to tell apart. We knew we had one Rhode Island Red and that she'd grow larger than all the other "girls" because they were various breeds of Bantams.

So, she instantly earned the name "Big Red". She's not so big here yet, but she's a growing girl.

The Man and I hated the smell. We have good sniffers, and when something stinks, it's annoying. So we moved the girls out to the garage with their heat lamps (our garage is insulated and drywalled, before you get all judgy). That helped the house out, but then my car smelled.

Oh well.

We searched high and low for the perfect coop and were disappointed at almost every turn. All the houses were either too small, oddly shaped, or very expensive. After stumbling across a local farm store, we discovered a home builder provided the store with coops as a side business. We snatched one up for an excellent price, bought a trailer--yep, we bought a trailer just for our girls, sort of--hauled the thing home while watching the rearview mirror, then set it up. The Man ran electricity to the coop, we put their pine bedding in it--which I will never use again; smells awful when it gets wet--then moved the little girls out there.

My daughters loved it. They could sit outside in an enclosed area and play with their "babies". Afterward, we'd scoop the birds up and put them back in the warm coop.

I'm not sure if I've ever seen Kid #3 (gray sweatshirt) sit still so long or be so gentle with anything. She has a heart of gold, that child.

So, the chickens grew and grew and grew. I changed pine bedding more frequently than our cat's litter and wondered constantly if there was a better way.

Eventually, the chicks could spend their days in the run. Little "Blondie" is our most social Bantam. She always comes when we call "chickie, chickie" and now she's learned so well that means meal worms that she'll run to us even if we don't indicate we have a treat for her. Smart bird (ironic that her name is Blondie). Surprised the heck out of me!

She also doesn't mind people holding her. Which is a good thing because my daughters always want to hold the chickens, even if it means a mad dash and grab session with lots of misses.

We've taught Bailey, our Australian Shepherd, how to herd them into their coop at night. The first time he got a little overzealous and one of the birds flew into the backyard. He's calmer now, and they are too. I think they know the sight of him means, "RUN! GET IN THE HOUSE. NOW. ALL HELL'S BREAKING LOOSE."

Bailey just thinks, "WEEE. A JOB. DID I DO GOOD, MOM, DAD?"

We came home a couple days ago and found our first eggs. The girls are right at four months old, so we weren't sure, exactly, when they'd lay. Kid #2 found the brown surprise, and surprisingly Snowflake (who we're assuming laid it, who's all black--I'm thinking we like irony) chose not to use a nesting box.


She squatted right in the run.

Twice now. (Yep, we boiled them both last night, too!)

A bit of research has led me to believe I might have to use artificial eggs to trick her into laying in the nesting box. It's also led me to believe sand makes the best chicken litter (rather than straw, pine bedding, or anything else).

So last night, The Man, Kid #2 and #3, and I ran to Lowes and bought some All Natural Construction sand, scooped out everything in the coop and run, and made the girls a beach. I already love it. Let's hope I come home to find them sunning on it. ;-)

If you have the land, and it's permitted where you live, you should think about investing in chickens. (And I do mean think. They are living creatures. They need love, care, and your time. If you can't commit, don't.)

Next up: Goats? Cows? Ducks?

Time will tell.

<3 Krystal

Wilde's Fire            -           Wilde's Army              -            Wilde's Meadow

Shattered Secrets     -      LOST (Blurb Coming Soon)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Adventures in Rainland

Anyone who lives on the East Coast of the United States knows how wet and soggy this summer has been. Mosquitoes are flourishing while crops are dying and people are getting grumpy (you know, light sadness/depression/whatever-it's-called-that-I'm-sure-is-making-me-miserable).

So, then vacation came along.

YAY! Sunny Florida.

However, the rain followed us in our big Ford F-150. It rained in North Carolina on the way down, South Carolina, and even Georgia where we stopped for the night. Luckily, the wind swept away the clouds and we were able to enjoy the natural beaches undisturbed by development . . . just the way I like it!

My husband and I, along with our kids, found crabs scuttling along the packed sand, marveled at the trees standing on the beach even though their roots were above ground, and genuinely enjoyed the fact that the sun was shining. 

On Saturday morning, we loaded the kids up again and ventured the remaining way to Florida (which isn't far from Georgia, but given how far in the state we had to go . . . .)

And guess what?

You ever see Snoopy carrying an umbrella with the raincloud following him around? Yep, that seemed to be our story. Rained on us the whole way, which must have been why my daughters had to pee like every five minutes on Saturday.

But, again, we endured and arrived at Longboat Key, Florida to sunshine, blue skies, and the smell of ocean. Also: too early in the day to check into our condo.

We drove over to St. Armand's Key, which is a great shopping/eating island, and found an awesome little restaurant called The Crab and Fin. So, we sat—and ate. Our server informed us that we were in for a week of good weather. The sun was supposed to shine every day, the beach conditions were supposed to improve—all would be well.

Boy was he wrong!

Shortly after checking in and dumping off our truckload of crap (seriously, who needs ALL that stuff?), we drove to Publix to purchase our groceries and it RAINED.

I can't remember what we did on Sunday, but I think it involved beach-hopping and avoiding rain.

*Edit: Yes, I do remember what we did on Sunday. After all that beach hopping, I met with my Agent Marisa Cleveland and one of my favorite authors Jamie Ayres. Gah! We did so much on vacation that my brain can't process it all!*

Monday it rained ALL DAY, non-stop, heavy, soaking rain! Although the beach was out of the question, we piled in our cars (my brother and his family came to Florida, too) and drove to Tampa to visit the zoo. There is no better time to visit a zoo than when it's raining. Here are my reasons why:

1. Crowds are down

2. Animal poo does not smell nearly as bad

3. Do you REALLY need a third reason?

The day was awesome! Seriously. We even found this "little" guy hopping around. *Note: Not a zoo exhibit*

Tuesday the sun peeked through the clouds and we found an awesome little place to hang out at the North Shore of the island. We collected shells and saw sting-rays and then visited with my sister who drove up from another Florida island, and then we got rained on. Of course. We did see dolphins while having lunch on a dry dock!

Wednesday we visited the Mote Aquarium and took their Sea Life boat cruise (awesome, by the way). What happened? It RAINED. We were soaked. Abby freaked out, thought lightning was going to strike us (I worried about this too). But, when the crew cast their net and brought lots of fish and sea creatures for my kids to HOLD and TOUCH, they couldn't care less about the rain after that. If you ever visit the area, make sure you stop by this aquarium and take one of their cruises.

Thursday was another rainy day. When a surprise storm chased us off the beach, we waited in the car, had dinner in our folding chairs in a parking lot (when the rain stopped briefly), then waited in the car some more, then rushed out to the beach at the last minute and caught an amazing fireworks display. Honestly, the best finale I've ever seen.

Friday the day started out beautifully, so my hubby, brother, and all the boys went out on a fishing trip while the girls and I all stayed pool/beachside. The guys didn't catch a thing—correction: my hubby caught ONE fish. The girls and I had a relaxing day. Then it rained. A lot. We sat outside on the balcony to watch the sheets of water blow across the waves, and then a lightning bolt hit the ocean about 200 yards out from us.


The afternoon cleared up, and so did the ocean. We were FINALLY able to enjoy the Gulf Coast the way it should be enjoyed: wading in shallow, clear waters. Amazing.

A soggy dinner out (yep, rainy dinner), and that was the end of our beach vacation.

I celebrated my 28th birthday (5 times over) on the road with my family. We stopped in Charlotte, NC to visit the NASCAR Hall of Fame (check out the rain clouds in the picture), and ducked into a restaurant about 20 miles from home to avoid . . . you guessed it: RAIN!

Effing East Coast weather pattern.

Anyway, I apologize for not posting more often or visiting with everyone on Twitter and Facebook, but every now and then I have to take a step back and appreciate what's important: Life Off the Computer.

Love you all!

<3 Krystal

Don't forget to download Wilde's Fire for FREE while you still can. And Wilde's Army is just 99 cents this week.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy Birthday and Anniversary To Me!

I'm a giver.


Sometimes I am a sleeper, which has been quite frequent lately. Thank you, VACATION! :-)

Anyhoo, in honor of my birthday (July 7), in which I am yet again 28 years old, Wilde's Fire is FREE!

*throws confetti*

But wait! There's more!

In honor of the one-year anniversary of Wilde's Army, you can download the e-book for just 99 cents!

*lights fireworks*

Now, back to making it through the workday. I swear, returning from vacation is SOOOOOO tiring!

<3 Krystal

*Wilde's Fire is free for three days ONLY (8,9,10). Download it while you still can!*
*Wilde's Army is 99 cents through 7/15*

Friday, June 21, 2013

What Am I Trying to Convey?! #horridart

Some of you may have seen my horrid attempt at drawing a scene in my newest book, LOST. (Scifi, in case you're wondering, and really, really awesome!)

I draw these scenes every now and then so that when I'm writing, I keep locations, people, creature counts, and everything else straight.

As you can see, I'm no artist. Not by any means. Sure, I can sit down and stare at something or someone and attempt to mimic their lines. But drawing something from my head? Pssh! It's all stick figures and squiggly lines.

Now, let me give you a little bit of information on LOST. 16 year-old Clarissa Anderson believes she is the second oldest human alive, thanks to an alien cat intent on creating a new species.

They don't live on Earth. I won't tell you why or how or any of that.

With all that said, I want YOU to tell me what I'm trying to convey here. Come up with WHATEVER you want based on my picture. Then, when I feel we have enough entries, I'll post a teaser from LOST (including this scene, unedited) and send a present to whoever comes up with the most creative interpretation!

So, get to work. Tell me what I'm trying to convey! There are PRIZES!!!

<3 Krystal

Thursday, June 20, 2013

How Would You Like a Hot Guy?

I'm not sure anyone has ever looked at me and said: Man, she's so reserved and refined and mature. In fact, if someone has ever uttered those words about me, please let me know so that I may ask you why.

I work with a group of adultren (this is adult and children merged into one). We're all pretty goofy and love having fun.

So, when a few of us caught wind that a male model was interviewing for a temp position within our office, we decided to head off to the lobby and check out said model. On our break time, of course.

We stepped off the elevator and immediately launched into fits of giggles, faces red and probably all trying to cover the same embarrassment spawning from our immature behavior. We're all grown women, after all. But the "applicant" was hot. Tall, dark, muscular. His only downside was a baby face that made us all feel like cougars, which brought his 10 rating down to an 8.5--at least for me.

To get a better look at him, we decided to grab water from the snack bar, walk around the front of the building, then enter the glass doors, but when we returned to the lobby, he was on his way up the elevators with his potentially new boss . . . so we said, "Wait!" and snagged a ride with them.



The "potentially new boss" made a couple comments about the peanut gallery, even suggested he got onto the wrong elevator . . . .

Fast-forward to today.

"So and so (yes, I'm hiding names to protect the innocent) said to tell you sorry for not being able to hire the model, but he asked me to give you this," my boss said, tossing a Men of the Islands 2013 Calendar at me.

Gasp!! I could never hang this at my desk. I need to keep up my reserved, refined, mature reputation!

So, dear fans, if you'd like this calendar, let me know. I'll send it to you . . . signed. With maybe some other things, as well. You know, pens, new book teasers, a surprise of some sort!

You know you want to take this thing off my hands.

You know it!

Just tell me you want it in the comments (tell me what you want what you really really want).

<3 Krystal

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Surprise Cover Reveal

Well, I figure all my fans are probably wondering where I'm at. I assure you, I'm not dead. But I have been taking some time for me. Who knew three years of juggling kids, work, writing, promotions, and LIFE would finally weigh on me?!

So, though I've still been writing, I've taken a step away from social media. Why? Well, I've even scaled down on as much writing, too. I'm tired, folks. The stories are punching me from the inside, but my eyes can't stay open long enough to write them. I figured a few weeks would help me get back on track.

Anyway, to celebrate my step back into the "real" world, I'm here to present fellow Curiosity Quills Author Brandice Snowden's cover! This is a surprise post. She has no idea her fellow authors banded together to put this BEAUTIFUL cover out into the world. Yeah, Dawna Raver (who set this all up) rocks.

So, anyway, check out that cover. And make sure you add this book to your TBR pile on Goodreads!

BLURB: Powerful veils hold Earth apart from realms mortals believe are merely tales of myth and legend. They are opening again, leaving humans vulnerable, and the monsters ready to strike.

Marie Leveau prefers to remain alone and anonymous, for she knows what goes bump in the night, and sacrificing others isn't part of her personality. But life isn’t always about getting what you want.
Contracted by The Organization, a shadow government agency, Marie is assigned a new Special Ops team, one she must introduce via Paranormal 101 to the very monsters they didn’t believe existed. Marie and her team are sent to Asia in search of an ancient relic, leading them into the jungle and tests of a fragile new bond. Despite the initial distrust, and an unholy battle with a demon-god, the team survives, their lives forever changed and woven into an unbreakable tapestry.

Returning home, the new friends sense the very people responsible for their safety are willing to sacrifice them all in the name of power.

They learn of a prophecy, and The Paladin, the one person able to close the veils and keep the mortals safe.
With few clues, the team must unravel the prophecy and figure out how to close the veils. Or the monsters will use Earth as ground zero, innocents be damned.

Adult Urban Fantasy: Intended for readers 17 years of age and older.

Visit Brandice on Facebook and Twitter!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

I Am Who I Am #indielicious

Wow. It's been awhile since I've posted a teaser from Shattered Secrets. But, don't worry, I still love you. I've just been busy with life.

As many of you know, this book is sitting in the hands of a few NY editors. Woot. I love my agent Marisa Cleveland. She's super supportive, and I know we're taking each other places.

Anyway, the last time we spent time together on a Sunday, Derick decided he'd rather drive his car over Mark than take him home. You all know that didn't happen. And, to recap, Abby is our main POV, and she was kidnapped by a couple RPG playing freaks--or at least that's what she thinks.

This scene is in Abby's POV. She's finished her meeting with the counselor and is waiting for Derick to get home from school so they can go hang out in their favorite spot in the woods (and, if you read this blog regularly, you'll know the trail that takes them to this "spot" looks like this: pretty path.).

~I changed my clothes six times before settling on a pair of blue jeans and a cream-colored crew-neck sweater. Mom had to help. She didn't like the idea of me going into the woods—I'm not sure I did either—but I doubted anyone would show up again so soon.

Chills coursed through me . . . soon. I felt like a target, like someone was definitely coming for me, like my next abduction was just a matter of time. I shook my head, staring into the mirror at my hideous face. A black and yellow bruise insulted my left cheekbone. Reaching up, I pressed the tips of my fingers against the swollen flesh. I shouldn't have looked in the mirror. My chin quivered.

Maybe I already needed Dr. Pavarti after all.

"Abby?" Mom stood in the doorway, palm resting on her cheek.

I tore my gaze from the mirror and looked at her.

"Would you like me to help you cover it?"

Staring at my reflection again, I took in the new me. The bruise didn't change who I was. The sling on my arm didn't, either. Through all these things, I was Abby. There was nothing to cover. "No, Mom. Thanks."~

Abby is one tough cookie! Thanks for visiting, and I promise not to make you wait so long between teasers!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Yell At The Trees #advice

On the ride home from work yesterday, I gave a piece of advice to one of my slugs when he mentioned he had a bad day at work and punched his desk.

Smiling, I stared at the traffic-filled highway and almost giggled when I said, "Don't punch your desk. Go home and yell at the trees."

He laughed, but I meant it. Work is the last place you want to show your anger. Well, really anger gets you nowhere, but that's a different story.

So, when a friend called me and shared an experience that had me upset for her, I decided to take my advice and "Go yell at the trees."

But when I stepped into the woods beside my house, I couldn't scream. I couldn't vent my frustrations. All I could do was listen. So that's what I did. I listened to the trees, the bugs, the leaves shifting in the breeze. Cicadas vibrated and made their little buggy noises so loudly it sounded like a car alarm going off.

Squirrels scampered through underbrush, rushing from tree to tree as they took their prizes home.

Fence lizards ran in circles around the gnarly tree trunks.

Floral smells filled the warm, humid air, mixing in with the musty smell of damp leaves and dirt.

This path is featured in Shattered Secrets. This path is what Abigail walks down in the summers with Derick. Though the story starts out in the winter. This path is what sparks my creativity. My imagination runs endlessly when I'm out there.

I picture sword fights. I picture butterflies and fairies. I'm inspired by nature. I love nature.

I definitely don't want to yell at it, but at the same time, I feel as though the trees wouldn't mind. They would listen. They'd shift and try reaching out to me to tell me everything's going to be okay. They'd whisper encouragement. Maybe sprinkle a little pollen (yes, there was sneezing yesterday).

Nature is forgiving, kind, gentle. Ironically, nature is also harsh, brutal, and holds endless power. Exactly the kind of friend I like having.

So, the point of all this? When you're having a bad day, when you need someone to yell at, when you need a friend and no one else is around, go listen to the trees.

See what nature sparks in you. For me, it's definitely not anger.

What do you do when you have a bad day?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New Reads! New Reads! #reviews

Every now and then, a book comes along and wallops me upside the head with happiness. This was one of them!

Can you imagine my dazed look of happiness? Yeah. It's kind of odd. I'll admit that.

But this was just so cool. A girl who dreams her entire next day. How exciting, scary, intimidating, and . . . boring--but that last part is only for her.

Poor Nara needs a surprise. And she gets one. In the form of a bomb at school. How could she not call this in to police and prevent her friends from being killed?

You guessed right. She couldn't.

But that phone call changes everything. The mysterious boy at school who never talks or touches anyone suddenly takes interest in her, helping her learn how to actually play soccer instead of predicting people's moves, befriending her when her best friend starts dating the school hottie and leaves Nara in the dark, slowly revealing there's more to Ethan than the bad reputation that follows him around. Which is a good thing, because now that she's a secret heroine, everything in her life starts falling apart. Her dreams are hazy. Accidents at school are hurting her friends. The bombers want to find the snitch, and somehow discover she's it.

Together, Nara and Ethan discover there are darker, more powerful forces attacking, and she's pissed them off with her heroic ways.

I do not want to give any of the juicy stuff in this book away. Yes, it has a paranormal story line that I fell in love with, something I haven't read before. A few times I thought, oh, no, please don't do be that book. And it wasn't!

Yes, it has romance. Sweet, tender romance. I thought for sure I'd yell STALKER at Ethan once or twice, but I didn't have to. It all made sense. Awesome.

I loved this book. I'd say it's appropriate for ages 14+. Minor swearing. Definite violence. Definite heart-pumping romance. 5 stars!

And not to leave out its sequel!

Ethan is GONE! I had to start out saying that because I felt that way through almost the entire book. Ethan is gone. Good God, bring him back.

Now that Ethan has Inara and some of his darkness is behind him, he goes home to settle things with his parents. (Because right now he lives with his older awesome brother Samson.) Inara makes a decision to research Ravens while he's gone. She wants to compile a book that might explain the mysterious tattoo that magically appeared on his shoulder. (You MUST read Brightest Kind of Darkness before reading this or you will be missing out...and lost.)

But someone is onto her. Someone dark. Someone deadly. Every stroke of her computer key puts her in more danger. Every trip to the Library puts her in harm's way. Even a simple trip to meet a man who's researched Ravens all his life leads to disaster--and also a really amazing scene between Ethan and Inara...even though they're several states apart.

But thanks to Drystan, a foreign exchange student who's into Parkour--and Inara, she's kept relatively safe. Drystan packs some supernatural powers of his own, and I cannot wait to see how these unfold in the next book. Ethan and Inara's relationship is strained to the point of almost snapping when he finally returns, and oh boy does he return with a bang...and some deeper darkness.

Lucid is an action-packed sequel to Brightest Kind of Darkness. Betrayals, new friendships, new relationships, new villains, and missing loved ones makes this book almost impossible to put down. I think I devoured it in two days. The romance is spicy. The wit is fun!

Solid 5 stars. (By the way, as a Washingtonian by day and a Virginian by night, I must admit that the author's facts about Washington DC were slightly skewered. She mentioned being able to see planes take off from Dulles airport though she was walking around the Tidal Basin of the Potomac, or somewhere close as they watched a plane crash into the Potomac, which, strangely, has happened before. The author should have stated Reagan National Airport. There may have been another error, but I can't remember it. The story was amazing, and these facts should not deter you from reading. I just had to point them out for any of my friends/family who might read and wonder if I missed that and I was stupid. Don't worry, guys. I still know where I live. Haven't been sucked that far out of reality...yet.)

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