Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Wow. I haven't written a blog for a while.

I'm sorry.

Honestly, I've been writing up a storm, but it's all taken place in the background, and I haven't found much time to break away to chat over here. It's difficult for writers to blog all the time, write books, edit books, market books--whatever. I didn't come here to complain.

What I came here for was to tell you that I JUST FINISHED WRITING ANOTHER BOOK! Woot. It's called CHARMING, if you couldn't tell by the ridiculously, and quickly, made logo at the top of this post. Yes, I made the logo. No, I didn't take much time or put a lot of thought into it. But when I said CHARMING, I didn't want you to think sunshine and roses. I wanted you to think BLOOD.

Because I am crazy!

You all knew that, however.

Now that I've finished this edge-of-your-seat, coming-of-age thriller (yep, THRILLER!), I realize I should probably write a synopsis, maybe a back of the book blurb, possibly even put some information about the book on this website. And I will, eventually. My agent is foaming at the mouth to get CHARMING in her hands, and I promised to email it by the 20th of this month, so I know I need to hurry.

But yet another story is knocking on my brain, begging me to write it. So, I guess I'll have to keep two notebooks handy: one for story-building, and the other for dreaming up the horrid synopsis.

And for those of you keeping tabs, SHATTERED SECRETS has been revamped and given a whole new vibe. I'm hoping to have that one on shelves for you soon!

In the meantime, if you all wouldn't mind throwing out some female and male character names for me, that would be great (this would be for the new story coming to my mind). The female lead is HORRIBLE, probably more like a villain than a good girl, teenager, has no friends, thinks of herself as invisible. There are two guys: one's an all-around good guy, football player, popular; the other guy is a football player but not popular and a lot darker in terms of his attitude, but he is a good guy.

So . . . names! Toss 'em at me!

<3 Krystal


  1. Anonymous11/13/2013

    Maeve for a female character -

  2. Your new female lead sounds like a *Lexie* to me. I've used the name myself for a tough girl with attitude.

    1. I definitely like the name Lexie!

  3. I like Lexie for the girl. For the guy, maybe Aidan? Or Andrew?

  4. Anonymous11/14/2013

    Jamie works for a guy or a girl . . . just saying ;-) Can't wait to read it!!

  5. Mackenzie for a girl and Dean for a boy.


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