Sunday, May 26, 2013

I Am Who I Am #indielicious

Wow. It's been awhile since I've posted a teaser from Shattered Secrets. But, don't worry, I still love you. I've just been busy with life.

As many of you know, this book is sitting in the hands of a few NY editors. Woot. I love my agent Marisa Cleveland. She's super supportive, and I know we're taking each other places.

Anyway, the last time we spent time together on a Sunday, Derick decided he'd rather drive his car over Mark than take him home. You all know that didn't happen. And, to recap, Abby is our main POV, and she was kidnapped by a couple RPG playing freaks--or at least that's what she thinks.

This scene is in Abby's POV. She's finished her meeting with the counselor and is waiting for Derick to get home from school so they can go hang out in their favorite spot in the woods (and, if you read this blog regularly, you'll know the trail that takes them to this "spot" looks like this: pretty path.).

~I changed my clothes six times before settling on a pair of blue jeans and a cream-colored crew-neck sweater. Mom had to help. She didn't like the idea of me going into the woods—I'm not sure I did either—but I doubted anyone would show up again so soon.

Chills coursed through me . . . soon. I felt like a target, like someone was definitely coming for me, like my next abduction was just a matter of time. I shook my head, staring into the mirror at my hideous face. A black and yellow bruise insulted my left cheekbone. Reaching up, I pressed the tips of my fingers against the swollen flesh. I shouldn't have looked in the mirror. My chin quivered.

Maybe I already needed Dr. Pavarti after all.

"Abby?" Mom stood in the doorway, palm resting on her cheek.

I tore my gaze from the mirror and looked at her.

"Would you like me to help you cover it?"

Staring at my reflection again, I took in the new me. The bruise didn't change who I was. The sling on my arm didn't, either. Through all these things, I was Abby. There was nothing to cover. "No, Mom. Thanks."~

Abby is one tough cookie! Thanks for visiting, and I promise not to make you wait so long between teasers!


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