Friday, May 17, 2013

Music & Souls #deepthoughts

Are eyes the only windows to your soul?
Do other entries not exist?
Other fissures,
Small openings that reveal who we are at our core?
Do you not get nervous when you love a song and share it with friends?
Do you not worry that they'll think it's too emo?
Too mushy?
Too not for them?
But you love that song.
It speaks to you.
It reaches into your soul and makes you say yes.
Makes you cry.
Makes you smile.
Makes you connect.
With something.
Maybe our souls aren't hidden.
Maybe we bare them for all to see.
To crush.
To take advantage of.
Should we hide them?
Should we take away the ability for others to sense our core?
Our passions.
Our desires.
Our pain.
Our past.
Or should we reveal who we really are for all to see?
Should we show our love?
Our fears?
Our hurt?
Maybe if we did, the world wouldn't be so callous.
So full of hate.
Maybe if we take down those walls,
Share our soul,
Reveal the human inside,
Maybe we'd be happier.


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