Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Smell Those Effing Roses, Baby #inspiration

As usual on a gloomy, rainy morning, I sat in gridlocked traffic with my friendly slugs. Somehow, our conversation morphed into one of my regular riders mentioning how his former poker buddies were impressed with how well he's settled into his new life: new house, great job, nice things.

Ahh, to be young, unmarried, and kidless. (Nope, can't really imagine that being a good life. Despite all my crazy, hectic, hair-pulling schedules and issues, I wouldn't trade my family in for anything.)

Since I'm usually one to offer bullsh*t advice to almost strangers, I said to him, "You should be impressed and happy with yourself, too. Stop and smell the roses every once in awhile."

"Nah," he said, "Maybe when I own more, bigger, better."

Ha. (For those who know me well, you know what's coming: a cheesy piece of real life experience.) "I mean it. It's okay to want more, growth, but one day when shit falls apart you won't have any good memories to pull you through because you never stopped and said, 'Damn, I've done good.'"

Stop trying to correct my grammar. It was conversation.

Of course, when I offer advice to unsuspecting victims—I mean slugs—I look inward. Make sure I'm following my own wisdom.

I realized I wasn't. I hardly ever do.

My poor friend Susie listens to me lament almost daily about how I suck as an author, how my books are no good, how I'm no good, how I'm an imposter. She usually reminds me by saying something like, "Krystal, you've been published three times, have a ton of amazing reviews, have adoring fans, just snagged an agent for your newest book, and you're being considered by editors of the Big Houses. Seriously?"

Then I feel stupid, like I was fishing for compliments. Although, I wasn't. I want more, bigger, better. (Imagine me saying that in a dreamy voice with stars in my eyes, k?)

Maybe I need to stop and smell the roses. Maybe I need to live in these amazing moments and commit them to memory. One day shit will hit the fan. Something bad always happens. But without any good memories, how will I pull through?

Do you ever forget to pause and reflect? To say, "Damn, I've done good"?

Get out there and smell those roses.


  1. Easier to say than to do. But I'm glad you're heeding my advice! You do have an amazing life. A great house, a steady job, adorable kids, popular books and the best darned friends & coworkers on this side of the Mississippi! Life is good.

    1. As long as my friends don't make me wear cowboy boots and sing country, I'm happy! :-) Really, it's so easy to get caught up in the hectic grind of life that we forget what we have, that life is amazing, enriched, and loving. I couldn't imagine being anywhere else, loving any other man, raising any other children. I've come through hell and achieved so much. Sure, we all need to have dreams, but we need to make sure we also live in the moment.

  2. Actually, I am more want to stop and wonder how all the good stuff happened to me. What did I ever do to deserve such a good life? To be born free and white in America. Yes, people of other races are better of in America than most in their native lands, but equally is still a tantalizing dream for many. To live in this age of wonder. Yes, future generations may realize our dreams, but we dreamed the dreams. To have a beautiful wife and children and grandchildren. Healthy. Intelligent. (Yes, I counted fingers and toes as each was born.) To be blessed with long life. 70 and counting. Finally, to have lived so many adventures, to have had noteworthy accomplishments, and yet, to still have a dream, to be discovered as an author whose work is worthy of being read.

    Yes, I stop every morning and pause to thank God for another day. Then I smell the roses.

    1. Yes, I thank God for everything. You have good perspective, my friend. I'm glad to know you. I'm glad you pause and reflect on your life. :-)

  3. Thanks, Krystal. That's good advice. We're already juggling way more than any human being should have to juggle, and yet we second guess ourselves. Congratulations to you and all of us, killing ourselves to get our stories out there. We have done good! Or well. Whatever. ;)



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