Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Vampire Diaries-Marathon

I just finished watching the season three finale of The Vampire Diaries.

How I'm feeling right now: Depressed, like I need to stalk every season four teaser site, a little in love, tired, and elated that someone is a vampire.

When I began watching this show, I had no idea what it was about—other than vampires, duh! I thought it would turn into a teenage, lovey-dovey drama, focused solely around love.

In a lot of ways, the show does focus on the thumping of hearts—mmm, those tasty hearts!


There is so much action, so much history, so much magic and superstition and evolution. Every secondary character becomes a main character at some point. Every villain turns good guy, turns bad guy, turns I don't know.

This speaks volumes for the show's writers, for the author as well.

The Vampire Diaries made me feel so many things. The show sparked my imagination, forced me to think about my books and characters and their back history, and where they're going.

* Do you guys sense a lecture coming on? I'll try to keep it brief! *

So many times when we write, we're in such a hurry to get a book out there. We don't stop and think about every character; we don't write from their POV to figure out who they are and what they want. But we should. So, my vow is to know everyone in my book, to be connected with them, to connect them with my reader, to give them purpose.

Granted, I had outlines of my secondary characters for my Darkness Falls novels, but I didn't write from every character's POV.

Now, because I don't want to give anything away to potential fans of The Vampire Diaries, I'll end this by saying, "Watch TVD. Take your time when you write. Explore. Never stop using your imagination. Love life."

How I'm feeling now: Creative, still depressed, still want to stalk spoiler sites, hopeful, like I need to write.

How I rate seasons 1 – 3?

Totally obsessed-worthy!

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