Saturday, September 8, 2012

Strange Gifts #wildesmeadow #sixsunday

Did you see the cover for Wilde's Meadow? Wow. I love my artist. He's absolutely amazing!

November 5th can't come fast enough!

So, if you've read the blurb for Wilde's Meadow, you'll know that Kate's mother gives her a strange gift. I'm here to "show" that gift to you.


~ Mom returns holding a silver tin about the size of a sandwich, appropriately contained in a sandwich bag. She takes a deep breath. "When you are at a loss, when no other options present themselves, when you have no direction and are not sure where to turn, you may open this. Do not peek, do not rush to see what this tin contains, for if you do, you will disrupt order and stray from the path of Light."
I swallow hard, reaching out to take the odd gift from her. "How will I know?"~

Wow. With directives that stern, how would she know?

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  1. Very nice. Thanks for taking part. :)

  2. Wow, great set up. Don't open unless...! And don't peek. She'd better follow her mother's instructions to the letter or ... Great six.

  3. OMG, the suspense would kill me! Great six!

  4. Ooohh..intriguing. I wonder if she'll be able to hold off and not open it...I'm not sure I could! lol

    Well done six.

  5. Wow, kinda an Eve in the garden type of situation;-) Well, hopefully she's able to wait so she doesn't screw over the entire race like Eve did *shakes fist in air* I like to bring the comic relief but can't wait for this emotional tale!!

  6. makes me wonder what it is!

  7. Ohh, I love those sorts of instructions, because you know that it's going to lead to such a good reveal later on.

  8. Sounds like a touch of Pandora.

  9. I would be afraid of messing that one up.


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