Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Help My Brain!

I need a new tv show to watch. True Blood is over until next June. Once Upon A Time doesn't start until the end of this month.

I'm without something to anticipate. Eep!

My brain craves something action-packed, full of fantasy, paranormal, or sci-fi, including a hint of romance and maybe some young adult type problems.

My brain doesn't want for much, does it?

The problem is: I don't channel surf, so I have no idea what cool shows are out there.

Please, tell me what to watch (nothing disgusting!) in the comments below!


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  1. I just got addicted to Grimm. Ordered all of last season from Netflix and flew through them. LOVED it! Now 4 episodes into this season. You might like it too.

  2. IF you have Netflix, my husband and I are hooked on Breaking Bad and Friday Night Lights.

    As for fall shows coming up, I am SUPER excited for Nashville, Arrow, and The Mindy Project. As well as Ben and Kate, Go On, and a few other humorous sitcoms.

    Returning shows - I highly recommend getting all caught up on The Vampire Diaries if you aren't already, and Sons of Anarchy. because I have two words for you: CHARLIE freaking HUNNAM. Okay, that was three words, but I had to get the 'freaking' in there to really drive home my point. I've been in love with him since he was Katie Holmes' hotpants choir teacher in ABANDON. Yum.

  3. There are only two shows on TV - The Vampire Diaries & Survivor.

  4. I'm hooked on Supernatural (paranormal) and Pretty Little Liars (young adult, mystery) right now. Beyond that, I have no clue what to suggest. I did just see that The Secret Circle is coming to Netflix soon. I may check that one out next.


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