Saturday, September 1, 2012

Honor Life #wildesmeadow #sixsunday

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Last week one of you precious readers questioned why Kate and Arland were at a party BEFORE a war. This week, I'm here to share that reasoning with you.


~The tables and chairs have been pushed closer to the walls, opening up the great room for dancers. Arland and I have sat in the back left corner all evening, away from everyone I'm supposed to enjoy our last night here with, away from the music, the eyes, the forced happiness.

Pre-war celebrations are disturbing. Everyone in here knows we may fail and that some of us may die, yet our people smile.

"They are here to honor life, Kate. Now, are you going to honor ours and dance with me?"~

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  1. That is beautiful, Kate. So candid--they may die, but, they are here to celebrate life. Nice six. :-)

  2. I agree that pre-war celebrations do seem strange, but I get it. You can either enjoy the remaining time everyone has together, or you can dwell on the future which would be depressing. Very nice job with this six.

  3. Very honest writing - I hope she will dance with him!

  4. Now that's the way a guy should ask a girl to dance!

  5. There's so much emotion here. Great six.

  6. Bet they'd still rather be spending that last night alone with each other. At least she would.

  7. Aw, i hope they get some alone together soon:-)

  8. Very bittersweet excerpt, so effectively written. You really capture the mixed emotions. I hope they dance!

  9. I love that. "Honor life." I totally live by that. Kudos!


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