Friday, January 20, 2012

What's In Your Trunk?

Since What’s In Your Purse was such an accidental success, I thought I’d run a few more "What’s In Your ____" and see what we can come up with. I stuff lots of random crap in lots of random places—and apparently my family likes to put their random crap in my bag—so this week I’ve decided to inspect my trunk.

Honestly, I’m glad to say there isn’t much junk in my trunk, but I’ve listed for you what I found.

Please, please share what you find. We don’t judge here, but we will laugh WITH you.

- Dirt (About six months ago my husband and I went to Lowes for some screws, and I spotted a beautiful Ficus tree and just had to have it. So we bought it. Somehow we forgot we’d brought my car, but managed to finagle the deciduous thing into my Jetta anyhow. We also managed to spill its potting soil in my trunk, and the dirt is still there. Sigh.)

- Stroller (My youngest is nineteen months. The stroller is always in my Jetta…even when we travel in the truck. Yep, you guessed it; we always forget to move the stroller from my car to his.)

- A bag of clothes for Goodwill (We have good intentions—I swear—we just forget to make that stop. Today. I’ll do it today.)

So that’s it. YAY. I feel so . . . so happy that I don’t have as much junk in my trunk as I have in my purse.

I expect some amazing responses! Get to it!


  1. Anonymous1/20/2012

    I don't officially have a trunk since I drive an SUV. But if you must know... I have an emergency roadside kit, recyclable bags for the grocery store and a couple of blankets for the kiddos for cold days in the car.

    1. That sounds about right! You seem like the organized type. ;-)

  2. I have little love for cars, and trunks or carboots as we call them on this part of the globe are even further down my list of nicities. So as I view the car as simply a means of getting from a-b, my carboot is shameful - I know you said share but I just cant' - so in twitter terms #runsforcover

    1. Oh come on, Louise. We won't judge you.

  3. Not too much of interest in ours:

    - My wife's wheelchair

    - An umbrella

    - Some re-usable shopping bags

    1. Seems like the umbrella would do you better good if it were in the front of the car, no? :-)

  4. In my trunk:

    1 Portable DVD player

    2. Five bags of clothes for my RAK's planned for an impoverished home.

    3. Sand from numerous trips to Jekyll Island (this crap just won't vacuum up properly)

    4. A Candy Cane

    5. 20 miscellaneous toys

    6. Chip crumbs

    I'm making hubby clean up. Hope you're doing great, beautiful! I've missed chatting with you this week ;-)

  5. We had so much sand in our truck when we left Jekyll Island. I love that place. Maybe we'll go back this summer and there won't be any smoke from the wild fires. ;-) Remind me to tell you about our brush with a tornado (or straight line winds) when we were leaving that island.....SCARY!

  6. I now drive a jeep and in the back I am carrying two! That is all!

    When I had te mustang, I could have lived out of my car for months. If someone needed something I probably had it in my trunk.

    I had 4 year old college books, every type of shoe ever made, a collection of pencils and pens, a penny bank with change and random clothes. Lol.

  7. Two bikes. Now that's what I'd love to carry around with me everywhere. I'm a mountain biker. Absolutely LOVE to ride!

  8. Girl, you don't want to know what's in my trunk. Heaven forbid I ever get pulled over suspected of a crime. First off, I drive a very large pick up truck, with a cap on the back, so I guess you can say that's my trunk. There are shotgun shell casings and crumpled up shell boxes. There are winch straps, a tow chain, an empty water bottle and the splattering of various wildlife blood all over the bed of my truck. Everything from pig, to ducks, and probably a deer or two. Yes, my husband took my truck hunting because of its ginormous mud tires and four wheel drive. So... this leads me back around to heaven forbid I ever get pulled over and they search the bed of my truck. Its covered in dry blood and shotgun shells. "I didn't do it, I swear!"

    1. Best response ever. I would LOVE to see you explain your way out of that one! :-)

  9. Well let's see. When I used to have a car, my trunk was like a chest full of hidden treasures. These treasures included:
    - plastic bags (you can never have enough)
    - plastic bags (like I said, you can never have enough)
    - bottles of water (my dad taught me if I ever get stranded, I'll need water so here we go, I counted at least 3 bottles. Not even mentioning if my engine starts smoking for no reason, water is always good to do something like... I dunno, run away and hide? And quench my thirst after running really really fast.)
    - more plastic bags (seriously I really have a lot of plastic bags in there)
    - a litter box (well I used to take my kitties with me on weekends when I was still married)
    - some litter (you know litter can also be useful if you're stuck in a puddle of mud or ice, or you need to actually use litter because your kitty wants to potty)
    - plastic bags... (sigh)
    - some nylon cables so I could carry stuff in my trunk while leaving the trunk door open (I know I live dangerously)
    - a broken plastic device to scratch the snow off my windshield (and of course I was too lazy to buy a new one)
    - plastic bags
    - a pair of shoes - ok this one I don't even know why I kept shoes in my trunk. No idea.
    - the necessary spare tire and the whole armada of thingies you use to change a flat tire (by the way, I was obsessed with my tires because I never wanted to change a flat tire, so until this day, I haven't and I hope it won't ever happen. LOL)
    - a roll of toilet paper (well you never know when you're gonna need it! That was actually my ex-husband's idea. No comment)
    - and plastic bags.

    When I sold my car to the dealership, just picture the face of the sales guys who had to wait for me to take all these plastic bags out of my trunk. Priceless.

    So I guess that's it. What do I win?

  10. And I haven't told you what I kept inside the actual car... This one needs a separate post. Or the comment will be huge.

  11. Why all the plastic bags? I'm curious? Were you hoping to store up enough to open a shop and never pay for plastic bags for your customers? ;-)

  12. Ok since nobody can stop me, I will actually also tell you what I kept inside the car.

    Glove compartment:
    - a plastic poncho in case I needed to change a flat tire under the rain (my nightmare)
    - a flashlight
    - a thingy to measure the pressure in my tires (I told you I was obsessed with my tires)
    - the car paperwork (and a manual I never read where I could have learned how to change a flat tire, but honestly, why bother?)
    - Some CDs - but the ABBA remix was not in that part of the car
    - and another broken thingy to scratch ice off my windshield
    - I wish I had room for a gun, but in NY, it's harder to carry a gun than in other states (sigh)

    Elsewhere in the car:
    - a thermometer (I think my mum gave it to me to hang around the house but it never left the car)
    - plastic bags (I swear guys, I don't need an intervention. I just like to collect plastic bags.)
    - tons of change - and I had EasyPass so I didn't need change (sigh)
    - my NY Bar Exam bracelet (see when you take the Bar, it's like going to a club. Well not exactly like this, but you have people at the entrance who check your ID and then they stick you this bracelet around your wrist so they know you're allowed to leave the building. And I think it also means you're over 21.)
    - my law school graduation tassle (that was hanging from the rear view mirror)
    - a bag of salt (against the evil eye, people thought it was cocaine, it wasn't morons! also hanging from my rear view mirror (and fyi, the bag was small)
    - a mini bottle of perfume - I thought it looked pretty with the bag of salt (also hanging from the rear view mirror)
    - tons of CDs including the ABBA remix. Put that on a long trip and you'll have a riot inside the car. Of course I mostly drove by myself.
    - the thingy to clip the GPS that ultimately fell to the ground because the sticky thingy didn't stick to the windshield that well anymore.
    - a cable to connect the GPS to my cigarette lighter
    - another cable to hook up my Ipod to the stereo
    - plastic bags (HAHAHA)
    - a cloth (I think it was an old sock so I could wipe my dashboard with it. Obviously I never used it.)
    - Tissues
    - Gum wrappers - without gum, I must have been lazy to throw the wrappers out.
    - plastic... GLOVES! Yes, this one, no idea why I had plastic gloves knowing I didn't have a gun... Well in case I needed to do something with the engine I suppose...
    - Tons of maps. Like the NY state map, the US map, the East Coast map... And I had a GPS.
    - Some maintenance receipts
    - and last but not least, plastic bags.

    So yeah, when I sold the car it took me a while to clean it out. But hey, my car didn't look like a mess. It was clean. Never cluttered. And I haven't told you what I kept in my previous car. I had stuffed animals in the back, so I made some serious progress.

    Now let's sing ABBA. This will cheer me up after the huge amount of plastic bags I collected and threw away.

    1. May I just say you are NUTS. In such a wonderful way. This is hysterical!

  13. No Krystal the reason why I kept plastic bags was COSTCO!!!!!! But ultimately, I never used the plastic bags.

  14. I have a Mini Cooper with a hatchback and it's got a snow-shovel, a snow-brush/scraper and about a thousand cloth grocery bags that I'm always forgetting to take into the store!

    1. I stopped buying the cloth bags because they always stayed in my car. You must live somewhere it snows a lot?

  15. A bag of dirty dishes. The realtor was coming to show the house and I didn't have time to unload and reload the dishwasher so I just threw them in a grocery sack on my way out of the house. Sometimes I throw all the stuff that's out of place in a laundry basket to put in my car when I don't have time to clean up. Be glad when the house sells!

  16. My mom and sister love sending random stuff home with me, and I love not having to put things away, so they stay in the trunk...forever. Right now I've got an extra pair of stilettos, 2 boxes of books, an iced tea maker, and a gray tote of mysteriousness that's been there for the last month. I have no clue at all what is in the tote.

    Sis took it out the other day because the nephew's wheelchair wouldn't fit. I told the hubby we needed to find somewhere for it. I got in my trunk today and the tote was there again. Problem solved, I guess.

    1. Haha. My trunk is super clean if you compare it to my purse. Now what are 2 boxes of books doing in your trunk?

  17. Aside from the spare tire and a set of tools, I have flashlights, a first aid kit and a few bottles of water in my trunk. I also have couple of reusable plastic and cloth bags. And before I forget, a few pairs of extra clothes in case of emergency.

    1. Sounds like you have the right things in your trunk! :-)


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