Sunday, September 18, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Today is Sunday, that means you get six more lines from my novel. I've toned it back this week--thought you could all use a little less tension and a little more sweet.


~He dunks a stick in the small pool below his feet, attempting to drown an evasive water strider. “Are you glad we came yet?”

“No,” I say, grinning ear to ear. I am of course having fun, even though I’m concerned about the strange events.

Brad pulls me into his shoulder. “I am.”~

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  1. Nice tease. I love the "attempting to drwn an evasive water strider". Great detail.

  2. Well done. Such an intriguing six. I'm looking forward to next week!

  3. Intriguing! Why is she playing with him? :)

  4. Brad sounds like a bit of a charmer:)

  5. Oh, what will happen? Nice six.

  6. Anonymous9/18/2011

    Drown the water spider, Brad. I hate those things.

  7. Thanks, Kelly. Trying to drown water striders used to be a favorite pass time for me.

    Jennifer, Heather and Zee - thank you guys so much. Zee--you'll have to keep reading to know why she's playing with him. ;-)

    Louise, Brad is a wonderful character. :-)

    Carrie, lots of crazy happens. haha

    And Melissa.....those things are SOOOOO cool. Why do you hate them?

  8. Anonymous9/18/2011

    Great six and leaves me wanting more

  9. Always a fun blog--great work, Krystal!

  10. Anonymous9/18/2011

    I don't trust, Brad. I think he's up to something lol!

  11. Thank you, murdersandmysteries! There will be more next Sunday. ;-)

    Thank you for the compliment, Raine. I try to keep this place entertaining.

    And, Derek, just because a guy is nice DOES NOT mean he's up to something.

  12. Anonymous9/19/2011

    I want to comment about Brad but I CAN'T! LOL. I know too much! Great six, though. Good moment between these two.

  13. Anonymous9/19/2011

    I hate them because when I was little I swam too close to the reeds in the lake and I got covered in leeches and the water spiders were in my hair. Eww.

  14. Can't wait to find out more about Brad!

  15. Very sweet... except for the part where he's trying to drown bugs...

  16. Sarah you have to bite your tongue! :-)

    Melissa, I don't think I'd swim in that lake ever again. Just sayin.

    Can't wait for you to read more about Brad, Caren!

    1000th monkey...hehehe - That's all I can say. ;-)


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