Monday, August 20, 2012

What's In Your Purse?

End of Summer Edition!

Were you a part of the January edition of this fun little purse clean-out?

If not, you sure missed out. Some of the things people carry around in their purse astound me!

So, since the summer is winding down, I figured it was time to clean-out our shoulder bags once again!

-         Pack of gum (Hey, that's normal!)

-         Car keys

-         Sharpie (Never know when people will ask for my autograph!)

-         Assorted book promo items

-         Lunch Bag

-         Sunglasses

-         iPod charger

-         1 Beaded necklace

-         2 Lip Glosses (That's what started this whole post back in January!)

-         4 Balloons (Guess I never took them out last time.)

-         2 Legos

-         3 Alka-Seltzer Packs

-         7 Halls (I threw them out. They had purse scum on them.)

-         2 Life-Savers (Currently resides in the trash as well.)

-         2 Sunglasses (Not mine)

-         2 Hand lotions (Stolen from hotels)

-         Eye drops (Never know when you'll need these)

-         Tylenol

-         Flashlight (So I can find crap in my purse)

-         Notepad (Inspiration doesn't always strike while at a computer.)

-         Bills (This stack includes a checkbook, a Square credit card reader, and random notes I've written about my books.)

-         Wallet

-         17 Hair Items (Note: None of these belongs to me.)

-         A Princess Key (In case I stumble upon a castle?)

-         55 Cents (Very fuzzy, now in my wallet.)

-         Receipts

-         That darn Turkey Trot medal is still in there (My hubs asked me about this the other day!)

-         Pen and Pencil (one of each isn't so bad)

-         17 Crayons (I think I've collected a few since my last post. Sigh.)

-         4 Rings inside of balls (I need to make my daughters clean out my purse. Really.)

That's it this time.

So, what's in your purse?

Can't wait to read the comments!


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  1. Holy crap, you have a lot in your purse! This is what I have in mine right joke.

    1) My shopping lists from last week and the week before.
    2) One penny
    3) A straw wrapper from Starbucks

    That's right. That's what happens when you work from home and rarely take your purse anywhere. Yes, I do have a wallet, but it's currently not in my purse. :)

  2. :) As I said on FB, this looks like the inside of a kids tote bag, and you left out the most important thing - the purse! :) you get 2 smiles.

  3. Yeah...I didn't take a picture of my poor, falling apart purse. :-) What's in yours?!

  4. Wow... sounds like my purse...

    Let's see.... I have my wallet, some bills, cell phone, old cell phone (for #'s that aren't in the new one), pens galore, chewing gum, two things of lotion.... the big tubes not the small ones, cell phone charger, a toy car, hair bands, crayons, receipts, coupons from the store, note pad, checkbook, Colin's old glasses that he doesn't wear anymore with prescription, droid mP3 player, car key, house keys X 2, because you never know when I'll need more then one! Dylan's 3Ds with the new MarioKart 7... I may get bored at work for that one! Money... and that's about it... from what I can see. I'm sure there is more... OH! There are the cards from the casino, that I use to get discounts off at the buffet. From two separate casinos. I should probably gamble to get my money's worth...

    Wow... who knew my purse would hold so much!!!

  5. You make me want to cry, Sharon. I can't believe that's all you have in your purse. :(

  6. Alright... I've now see another person who has had the straw wrapper from Starbucks!! I have about two or three shopping lists in my purse right now. I forgot to add that one in...

  7. Cynthia Phippins8/20/2012

    Well, I recently splurged on myself and bought a NEW PURSE so I don't have as much as I did, but here goes: checkbook, wallet, sunglasses, id badge from work, pack of Doctors toothpicks, pack of BC headache powders, 2 pacifiers, first aid kit, contact lens kit, feminine product holder ;), hairbrush, pepermint from Sonic, small zipper pouch with all "important" cards in it (insurance, ss, etc.), and iPad/iPhone charger. That's pretty good for me!! =)

  8. Cynthia Phippins8/20/2012

    Oh, I almost forgot my "backup phone"! (it's a long story, but I have a 2nd line for myself...) LOL

  9. Dawna Raver8/20/2012

    I agree with Sharon, Krystal does have a lot of crap in your purse. So I just cleaned out my purse and found a rubic's cube, half-eaten dill pickle, packet of McDonald's Barbque sauce, and a feather eye-mask.

  10. You might even have me beat! I am rocking:

    1: 2 - 3T Pullups (potty training daughter)
    2: small bag of baby wipes
    3: a small box of small elastics for child's hair
    4: Princess toy phone
    5: Wallet with 22 cards (rewards cards, cc cards, medical, etc)
    6: iphone
    7: iphone charger
    8: gum
    9: motrin
    10: 28 receipts, most of which from Dunkin Donuts
    11: 14 pens
    12: 3 pencils
    13: lotion
    14: 6 hair ties
    15: 7 $1 bills
    16: 1 $10 bill
    17: $4.11 in change
    18: unidentifiable goo (looks like it may have been a hot tomalie at one point...)
    19: keys
    20: letter opener (no idea)
    21: 1 plastic block
    22: rolled up Dunkin Donuts straws (possibly 3, maybe more if I condensed hehe)
    23: passport (traveling tomorrow)
    24: Folded up travel itinerary
    25: Work badge
    26: Feminine Products
    27: Packet of my business cards
    28: a box of paperclips
    29: 1 black Sharpie
    30: 1 purple Sharpie
    31: 1 blue Sharpie
    32: 1 pink highlighter
    33: Pink super sticky Post-its
    34: Lint brush
    35: Hair bursh
    36: Eye liner
    37: Mascara
    38: Chapstick
    39: Lipstick
    40: Lip Gloss
    41: and a single toddler sized pink and purple sock

    No wonder I have back issues...


  11. Hmmm ... well, if I didn't know you, I'd know from this post alone that you are indeed a mother. Non mothers NEVER carry that much stuff in their purses! lol

    I think that in order to properly document this, I need to post in on my own blog so that I can post a picture. :-) Maybe this should be a blog hop.

  12. I have been meaning to clean out my purse for weeks. You've inspired me! :)

    The contents of my purse:
    two pens
    pile of receipts
    envelope filled with expired coupons (the newest expired in July)
    10 (yes TEN!) lip balm/lipstick/gloss
    hand sanitizer
    three cough drops
    pack of gum
    eye drops
    bottle of Advil
    one hair elastic
    one flower barrette
    my new PTA membership card
    girl scout pins
    my watch
    tiny photo album
    pocket knife
    A coupon for $3 off bowling
    TSA security clearance cards from when I picked up my daughter at the airport (four weeks ago)
    Small handful of gum wrappers
    One potato chip

    It wasn't that bad this time (other than the pile of recyclable things).

  13. I thought...this shouldn't be too bad...yeah...

    Blue purse (Caveat #1 - the purse is new-purchased within the last month or so...yes, that means I've cleaned it out fairly recently...I have no excuse)

    Feminine products (quite a handful and variety-I am often asked my women less prepared, so I come ready to save the day)

    Four pens - two black, one purple, one tealish or maybe aquamarine? I don't know, some light blue color

    Chewing gum - both spry and Orbitz, both peppermint

    Wallet - with assorted cards and money and receipts

    Glasses case - I used to do without it, but my glasses didn't like all the junk. Then I got new glasses...I keep them in the case when I'm not wearing them now

    Kindle - I don't have to carry several books around with me I carry hundreds! :)

    Camera - not usually in there, but has been since vacation.


    A large bag of mini chewy sweetarts

    A ziploc bag of almonds

    Two Clif bars - chocolate chip (not my favorite) and White Chocolate Macadamia (pretty good-I love the peanut butter one though-I probably at that one...)

    Nature Valley Protein bar - Mmmm, peanut butter dark chocolate...these are awesome!

    Altoids - my kids eat these all the time...really.

    Lotion - peach 1.5 oz



    Neo to Go - neosporin spray...hmmm, where are my bandaids??? I guess I need to replenish...

    hair tie - blue

    Little mini toothbrushes in the package - it seemed like such a great idea...I've never used them...I've had them for a year or two...

    Little dollhouse plastic kitten

    peppermint from Sonic

    Three boxtops for education

    Assorted trash - receipts, wrappers, child pick up stickers from church

    Drawing of flowers done by my eldest

    That's it. Yup. However, (caveat #2) I still also carry my backpack around as a diaper bag when I'm out with the kids... So I'm not sure if I should count all of that as a second purse because things kinda get put in there a lot. The crayons are in there. A spare outfit for each child (more for the one still potty training just in case, including diapers pullups and underwear). Wipes. Plastic bags. Several small toys. Crackers. Water bottles. Probably a lot of trash (although theoretically I cleaned that out recently too!). Note: I have not actually emptied the diaper bag to see the rest. This is just all from memory.

    Caveat #3 - My phone sometimes resides in my purse, but only if I don't have pockets....I currently have pockets today, so my phone is on me. I don't hear it well if it's buried in my purse...I wonder why... :)

  14. You caught me on a good day - just switched bags (which I don't normally do) and I'm proud to say that I have ... a wallet, a camera (never leave home without it), a pen, a notebook, an allergy pill, makeup bag, and a receipt from the gas station (sticker shock momento) ... ask me again next week LOL - great post - i'll definitely stop by again.

  15. Ok, I haven't emptied it in a while so here goes.

    1 - cell phone
    2 - hair brush
    3 - checkbook
    4 - pair of clean panties and a pad (in case I laugh to hard)
    5 - 2 spare batteries for cell phone
    6 - Keys to my partner's car - she does let me drive it
    7 - 2 sets of keys to my car
    8 - 3 safety pins (now removed)
    9 - small id case with mini shield, PBA card (SIL is a cop), drivers license, registration for both cars, atm card, metrocard, business cards.
    10 - my wallet w/photos of kids and grandkids, house acct debit card, BJ's card, money, change, NRA Life Member card, library cards for Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan, Regal Crown Club card, medical ins cards, Staples rewards card, AAA card, Flex spending card, Bus. card from Det. Tim Duffy (a friend)
    11 - 2 pens
    12 - face powder and lipstick
    13 - house key ring with keys to my house, FIL's house, friends penthouse in Md, spare set of my car keys.

  16. jacndaniel8/21/2012

    man! i feel like we are kindred spirits! here is my list:
    1 wallet (lots of receipts, various cards and coupons, no money)
    1 empty hard sunglass case
    1 pair of sunglasses
    1 case containing my stereo faceplate
    2 ipods
    7 elastic ponytail holders
    4 tubes of chapstick
    3 lipglosses
    1 full size bath&body works lotion
    1 full size body spray
    1 Crazy, Stupid, Love dvd
    2 Paramore cds
    164 cents
    9 Peanut butter M&M's
    1 sheet of Submarina Coupons
    1 empty Dasani water bottle
    1 bottle of Advil
    1 Batman figurine
    No wonder my shoulder hurts!

  17. Uh-oh. My purse is a mess.

    There's money and change flung all about.

    I have a bag of D&D dice. (You'd be surprised about how often I need to use this.)

    Cough drops, which I use all the time.

    My ATM card, several IDs, included old, expired ones that I can't seem to throw away for some reason.

    My MP3 player

    My Kindle (I have a gigantic purse)



    My birth control pills

    My cellphone

    Various receipts and papers with stuff I used to need, but don't anymore.

  18. Oh and I forgot to mention the keys I have! To the house and car.


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