Friday, August 3, 2012

Look at This

I've been tagged by Ayden Morgen, who has no idea how perfect her timing is. Not only has she included me in this fun meme called "Look", but I get to show off my blog/website's new look. We're not finished designing yet, but I'd rather post new stuff here!

Now, according to the rules, I'm supposed to do a search in my work in progress for the word "look" and then paste the surrounding paragraph(s) and tag as many people as possible. Here's my teaser from "Book without a name", the first book with a character built off one of my children:


"Were you nervous about finally coming on a date with me?"

I should've told him I was thinking about Derick. The truth would have at least gotten me out of an attempted kiss at the end of our date, which I'm sure Mark had been planning since I'd agreed to go out with him. "I've known you since what, we were wearing diapers and enrolled at Minnieland? I don't get nervous around you."

His hopeful look diminished, and he glanced around Firebirds until he found our server.

I didn't mean to hurt his feelings. I'm so selfish . . . .

He shot his hand in the air like an eager student ready to blurt the answer to a question the teacher just asked. Subtleties were not Mark's specialty, not like Derick. If he were with us, all he would have done is tip his head in the direction of the server. Ten would have come running.

Every thought came back to him and the fact he wasn't there. I'm going crazy. If I could've smacked myself without drawing attention, I would have.


Fun stuff, right? I thought so. This is a book I cannot wait to finish. If I could just find some time. Geesh!


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  1. I'm liking the new design, and the snippet. Thanks for playing. :)

  2. WOwie, wow, wow! LOVE the new look, LOVE the new story, and LOVE that you tagged me:-) I'll post on Wednesday--going back to my regular schedule w/ school. I'm even going into my classroom tomorrow to get stuff done--I'm soooooo swamped!

  3. Yay! Thanks for tagging me. This looks like fun. Will participate a little later. Love the new site background & colors *heart*

  4. Oooh! It's so fancy here! Love the new hang out. Fun snippet! Thanks for the tag! That's two tags for me now. Guess I'll be playing. It'll probably be next week. You may have noticed I have been a little busy for the blog and social media lately. But school starts soon. Yay!

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