Thursday, August 2, 2012

Segregated Clothing

I rummaged through my closet, looking for something—anything—to wear to work. Meetings filled my morning schedule, and I wanted to look nice but couldn't find a dress or slacks or capris or anything.

Until . . .

I skipped to that section. The section of my closet reserved for skinny or fat days. You know, the-clothes-that-used-to-fit-but-for-whatever-reason-don't-right-now section.


My husband laughed at me, made some comment about how if I'd just put away laundry as soon as I wash it, I wouldn't have this problem.


I wash laundry, dry it, fold it. Can't someone else put away the shirts and underwear and socks and pants and—we have three kids, do you realize how much laundry that is?

Sorry. I'll get back on topic here. So, I donned some loose-fitting capris—like really loose fitting, like I had to poke a new hole in my loose-fitting belt just to get the damned things to stay on my waist.

Many of you are probably pissed that some of my clothes are too big, but hey, I used to fit into these things. So can it!

Once I arrived at work, I felt like a fool. My pants swallowed me whole, hid all my good qualities, probably made me appear a bit frumpy.

Maybe I should put away all my clean clothes.

Does anyone else have a section of those-days clothes kept separate from all the others? I can't be the only person who segregates! I hope I'm not the only person who hates putting away laundry, either!


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  1. Haha, I absolutely have a section - three in fact: the before when I was skinnier, the before when I was bigger, and the now, because you never know which way you'll morph next :) But I don't keep them segregated; they're all happily mingled together in drawers, and closets, wondering if today will be their day to rule ❤

  2. My wife has hers split into 3 sections also.

  3. Ironing pile up to my waist. And I'm 5'1"? CHECK.
    Laundry only appears to be put away in this house if it's my husband's work shirts or underwear for either of us. Otherwise, look in the ironing pile. It'll be there.
    And segregation? Yup. A couple of pairs of trousers for when I finally lose that weight at last. Plus a whole second wardrobe of clothes to wear when I'm slopping round the house (old uniform Ts and pj pants, mainly).
    And a black straight skirt I've not worn since moving up here in 2004. Don't ask.

  4. Oh I have a trunk in the attic for clothes I might fit into some day, but I only kept the cute one's. When my daughter was growing up I'd do her laundry, fold it, and put it on her bed. When I started finding the clean folded clothes at the bottom of the hamper because she was too lazy to put it away, she started doing her own laundry - that was 8th grade:)

  5. This may be a stupid question... but if you had washed and folded the laundry, but just not put it away, why didn't you just go and get something from wherever it was?

    I am forever pulling clean clothes out of the basket of clean laundry that just hasn't been put away yet. Sometimes, when I AM putting it away, I calculate what's needed for tomorrow and DELIBERATELY don't put it away - after all, why waste time hanging it today when it will just get pulled down tomorrow?

    1. Haha. Well, we sound similar, but I try to avoid hanging it as long as possible because that would admit that I NEED to hang it, and I so hate doing that. :-) I'm a tad stubborn, I guess. I need a maid.

  6. I detest hanging laundry. I'll wash it, dry it, fold it... but good luck getting me to put it on hangers and put it in the closet! That's probably the easiet part, but I loathe doing it, so I just refuse. It's a system. ;)

  7. That's hilarious! You are sooooo like me:) I hate putting up laundry. With a passion. I'm looking at an extra large basket that needs to be folded right now. The sad news? This laundry was washed on Monday. Ouch. Now you know my secret.

  8. We all have that section. I have things in the back of my closet, and in a closet in the guest bedroom... they range from size 12-16. I keep dieting and hoping to get back into some of the classic style dresses that are there.

    (Then I would have what to wear if I attended Malice or one of the other conferences.)

  9. Anonymous8/03/2012

    I have my laundry sitting right here staring at me, daring me to put it away. *sigh* Currently I have a whole section of skinny clothes. That's what blogging and writing does. Has you sitting and getting fat. Oh, time to get up and excercise!

  10. Anonymous8/03/2012

    HATE putting laundry away, but I do b/c nobody else will! I don't segregate my clothing b/c I'm not that organized, lol. Instead I get to feel depressed every day as I finger through my closet and realize I can't fit into most of my clothes anymore. I refuse to buy new outfits b/c then I'll never lose this writer's butt!

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