Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bring Sexy Back #sixsunday #wildesmeadow

Hello Fans, Six Sunday-ers, and those here who don't actually want to be--Whaaat? You don't really want to be here?

This week poor Kate has stopped the bleeding on her shoulders. Flanna should NOT be allowed to touch a needle ever again. Now our hero and heroine are spending some along time together.


~"Well, since you are forcing me, I would like to tell you your hair is a mess." He laughs, a deep, happy laugh.

I smack his shoulder. "Arland."

Arland leans forward then flips me onto my back, pressing his chest against mine, holding me captive with pleasure. "And your smile makes my day."~


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  1. Oh, I am very much looking forward to getting my hands on this book. :)

  2. These 6 sentences make my day:-)

  3. Oh to be held captive with pleasure... That's very evocative.

  4. Is the "seamstress" also a hairdresser? It would fit!

  5. NOW we're getting somewhere! ;)

  6. Very nice 6 sentences, starts of cute but then ends quite steamy. I'd love to see the following 6 sentences too! ^_~
    Excellent excerpt, thanks for sharing.
    My 6 sentences:


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