Sunday, April 21, 2013

You Have a Visitor #indielicious

Hey, guys. Sorry I missed my post last week. My family and I have been working tirelessly on our garden and backyard chickens. Yep, you heard me right. We're raising backyard chickens. To be fair, we have three acres. So . . . I'll post pictures of the cute little babies sometime soon.

Anyway, last teaser post I left you in Derick's POV. This week we're back in Abby's. She's home from the hospital . . . and maybe a little bored, and Derick just called her.


~"Listen, your dad called me—"

"What?" I nearly dropped the phone. If my dad called Derick, it couldn't be for anything good.

"Calm down. He basically said if I break your heart, he'll break me."

"I'm going to kill him—"

"Your father loves you, Abigail. But he also said if I want to spend time with you, to stay near the house, or always keep you in my sight. I guess rescuing you earned me some bonus points." I heard him grinning through the receiver. "I think we should stay away from the woods for a while."


"It's not safe, not while those guys are still out there." His blinker went off again.

"Where are you?"

Derick laughed, warm and comforting and incredibly sexy. "In your driveway."~

I love these two kids. :-) So sweet.

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  1. Great teaser. Can't wait to see what happens next, and to learn what is going on in the woods.

  2. Great teaser. The chemistry between the heroine and hero is magic. I love how Derrick always makes the heroine so nervous. Keep 'em coming!

    Elle C.

  3. Awww, I loved that last line :)


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