Sunday, April 7, 2013

Call This Dude A Taxi! #indielicious

Happy Sunday! I've spent the week with my children, playing at theme parks, playing outside, watching movies, being bored, reading books, editing books . . . you get my drift. I've LOVED this week.

Also, I have super amazing news. BUT . . . I can't share it yet. Hehehe. I know I'm cruel. You still love me.

Onto my teaser from Shattered Secrets. We are picking up EXACTLY where we left off last week. Why? Because, as I said last week, I adore Derick. And this scene between him and Mark is one of my favorites.

Hope you enjoy!

~Mark laughed, leaning his head back and closing his eyes as if he heard the funniest joke ever—and he was an eighty-year-old who didn't care how stupid he looked. "I see my words have soaked in. You think you know her so well, how come you don't believe she'll be angry? She did slam the door in your face the other night."

"Poor timing." My palm throbbed from the keys cutting into me. Abigail wouldn't forgive me easily, or not at first. But not because I couldn't tell her. No. Telling her would make her think I needed a shrink and enjoyed playing cruel jokes on the people I loved. That's what she'd be mad about: the truth. Period. "If you're not here to taunt, what do you want?"

"A ride."

"Excuse me?" I'd rather drive over Mark than drive him anywhere. "Do you see Taxi written on the side of my car?"

He actually looked out into the parking lot. "No, but it might be appropriate for you to add it. Dad says wherever the two of you go, I go, too."~

Well, boys and girls, things are heating up! Don't you love it? :-)

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<3 Krystal


  1. Anonymous4/07/2013

    That was a fun one!

  2. Brothers, eh? Interesting. The plot thickens, lol. Love it!

  3. Such a typical familial interaction, and it made me chuckle :)

  4. Love the tease! What a great one because it's short, sweet and I am dying to know what happens next...Classic! ;-)

    Elle C.

  5. Excellent excerpt. I wonder what he did?


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