Thursday, April 25, 2013

Rules for Reviews

I don't often post about writing. I usually refrain from offering unwarranted advice, unless you're close to me and I know something that will help you. Which is maybe what's going on here today. I know something that so many authors and writers do not, and I want to share this wisdom. I want to ease your suffering. I want to end world hunger . . . .

You really think I've gone too far?


Ending world hunger would be nice, though.

So, what, you ask, could I possibly tell you that you don't already know? Nothing new, really, more like a way to cope with reviews. But while you may know that you have to cope, you don't know how to apply methods to ease the pain and obsession that comes with reviews.

For those of you who are unpublished, maybe you won't believe this will affect you. For those of you who only recently released a book, you probably think you'll get over this soon. Obsess about it for a week and move on.

Well, I'm here to tell you that unless you make a conscious effort to protect yourself, you're in for a long, bumpy road.

How do I think you should deal?

Thanks for asking!

A) Before and during writing a book, during submissions to publishers/agents, pretty much ALWAYS remember that you WRITE FOR YOU.

B) When you ask your mom what she thinks, your friends, your neighbors, coworkers, critique partners, agents, publishers, etc, do not let their response decide your happiness. Be happy with what you've written. The rest is just a way to make it better. (This also goes along with part a.)

C) Reviews are for readers, not writers. While I do believe there is something that can be learned from reading reviews, if you cannot read a negative one and walk away from it with a smile on your face, then DON'T READ THEM AT ALL.

D) Do not waste time scouring Goodreads, Amazon, B&N, Google, for updated ratings and reviews of you and your book. You are a writer. SO WRITE. You want to make money at this? You will not make money staring at sales rankings. You will not make money crying over mediocre reviews.

E) Do not judge your worth as an author by an average rating. So what if your rating is 3.5 overall? Not everyone gets it right every time. Someone believed in you and took a chance with your book. Is that the last one you'll ever write? Only if all you do is cry over your "dismal" success. JUST KEEP WRITING.

F) If you feel you MUST read these things, then make sure you're wearing your Wonder Woman panties (or Superman, I don't discriminate). Make sure you have a support group. Make sure you take all of my above rules into account.

You will get through this, and it will be easier if you shut down to these things and JUST KEEP WRITING.

Written with all the love in my heart,

<3 Krystal


  1. Good good points, and I'll try to remember them for Colour Wielders reviews. But if they call my baby ugly, I'm going to cry.

  2. That would break every one of my rules, dammit!

  3. Replies
    1. Now if only I would follow it. I don't let things get to me too much, but I am very distracted by trying to market The Charge, when I really just need to get back to writing.

  4. Thanks for this Krystal <3

    1. You're welcome. I've been a published author for a year and still have issues with this.

  5. Yep, good advice. I used to watch out for new reviews on Goodreads,but I've stopped! You're totally right. We should be writing, not reading reviews.

  6. Hmm, so I guess I shouldn't read reviews.

  7. That's very good advice, Krystal. Thanks for sharing. I feel pretty protected, but I can recall one review in particular... Well, we'll just let that sleeping dog lie, won't we? :)
    Have a great week. Sorry it's been so long since I've visited. *waves*


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