Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pass the Ear Plugs! #indielicious

We've reached the third week here on Indie-Licious's blog hop. I'm having fun reading all the entries!

I hope you guys have enjoyed the teasers from Shattered Secrets. I'm going to up the ante a bit this week and show you some interaction between Abigail and her abductors. She not only realized they were a bit too into role-playing games, she also figured out they meant to kill her . . . wasn't hard when they talked about it right in front of her.


~Footsteps. Heavy, fast footsteps. They stopped right in front of me. A clammy finger trailed from my temple to my collarbone.

Trembling broke free of my control.

"I thought you might be awake. You should not eavesdrop. It is rude."

I opened my eyes and faced the men, anger filling every inch of me. I was going to die anyway. "Kidnapping, stuffing a girl in a trunk, punching said girl and tying her up on a couch with intent to kill her is rude. Me overhearing you say all that is unfortunate."~

Abby is definitely a fighter! Let's hope her mouth doesn't land her in worse shape. Check back next week! And make sure to visit all the other Indie-Licious authors!


  1. Abby sounds like my kind of heroine, Krystal! Love it :)

  2. Love it! Can't wait to read this book Krystal!!


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