Sunday, February 10, 2013

It's Sunday? Already! Where did the weekend go? Can I have a do-over?

Anyway, thank you to everyone who stopped by last week and commented on my teaser. I love all the love. :-)

This week, we're picking up about a page down from where we left off. Abby's awake, hogtied, and lying on a very smelly couch.

Enjoy (muahahhaa!)

~ Barely opening my eyes, I squinted around the candlelit room. My stomach churned. Decayed animal carcasses littered the floor. A raccoon or two, maybe a cat or dog . . . .

Maybe the smell wasn't the couch after all?

Empty bags of potato chips, soda bottles, pizza boxes—these things were tossed about. Cleanliness obviously meant nothing to these guys. My hope for survival diminished, deflating my lungs. Hot tears slid down my cheeks, soaking the upholstery beneath me. I didn't care. I wanted to burn this place down, burn it and the people in it—well, the crazies anyway.~

Can you imagine? This girl is on the edge of disaster. Her normally sarcastic demeanor is about to take a dive. Check back next week to see more, and don't forget to stop by the other participant's blogs and comment on their teasers!



    I'm going to be glued here every Sunday until I find out what happens to Abby!
    ~ Erin

    1. Let's hope she kicks some ass!

  2. I would want to burn that place too and then some. I'll be on the lookout to find out what happens next.



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