Friday, October 5, 2012

Politicians and Reviews

Reviews have a way of bringing an author a lot of joy and also a lot of pain. No author likes to hear that our words pissed off a reader. And I definitely know we can't stand when someone rips every fiber of our book to shreds, saying it's worthless, horrible, the worst thing ever.

But this is reality. And if you read what I recently wrote about perception, you'll know that everyone's reality is different.

Here's an analogy for all my author friends, something to help you get a little perspective on why the entire world doesn't love your book, something I like to laugh about because I work in politics!


Look at politicians. They speak at a public event, to a crowd of thousands. Half the crowd cheers and says "HELL YEAH! You ROCK. You're going to save us, bring change, rule the world, end Darkness!"


The other half of the crowd goes, "What the *bleep*? Idiots! You're all idiots! Did you HEAR what he just said? He's going to enslave us, you fools!"


Everyone is at the same event, listening to the same politician, but everyone hears his words a bit differently.


Think about that next time you get a bad review. People are unique, so you can hardly expect everyone to love your book!


Happy Friday!


<3 Krystal



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  1. Lisa Collicutt10/05/2012


  2. Very dipolmatic of you. But that doesn't mean girl behavior. And you know what I'm talking about. Enough said.

  3. Hey Krystal, I LOVE your analogy. We authors are sensitive, but we've got to become as thick-skinned as politicians or we'll be end up being depressed. (Well, more than writer's usually are.) :)
    I saw Jaime's cover. Awesome! Made me a little sad to think that my book could have been coming out in two months too....
    Still revising. I haven't forgotten my CQ friends.

  4. I hear those comments in my own house during the debate, lol. Great analogy, but the real problem is all of the hateful trolls with nothing better to do than try to bring authors ratings down a notch even when many of them have never read the book!
    P.S. Thanks, Ryan! No worries . . . you'll get there when the timing is right:-)

  5. So true! That's why I always keep that saying in mind "when you try to please everybody, you end up pleasing nobody"...can't remember who said it though. :}


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