Sunday, June 3, 2012

Where Am I? #WildesArmy #sixsunday

Happy Sunday, everyone. I cannot believe another week has passed--and somehow we're out of town AGAIN! This weekend we're in Dover. (Go Tony Stewart!)

Okay, so here's the set up: Perth and Kate are waiting for the right time to move in and rescue the others. In last week's six, Perth suggested she try to make a connection with Brit in order to learn more about the situation. So, that's exactly what Kate does. In this scene, she's just connected with Brit.


~Control over my hands and feet returns, but it doesn't feel anything like what I'm used to—they're not my own. There isn't enough time to think about how weird being removed from my body is. Brit is tied up to a cold cave wall, her mouth gagged. It feels as though there are a thousand cotton balls on my tongue. The wet rocks send chills up her back . . . my back.

She aches, she's tired, and starved for food.~

Doesn't sound like fun, does it?

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  1. Very atmospheric piece Krystal.

  2. Poor Brit. Come on Perth and Kate. Go get them out!

  3. Great description. I hope she gets Brit out.

  4. I hope they rescue her..

  5. Great description of this "out of body" experience. I get some great imagery from this.

  6. Anonymous6/03/2012

    Neat description on how you tell the connection part. Really cool six!

  7. Tense, really makes me want to keep reading. I thought you conveyed the sensation of being in someone else's head VERY well here - great six!

  8. Good view of being in someone else's head.

  9. Anonymous6/03/2012

    I can imagine it must be very hard for her to do this emotionally (dealing with it afterward, I mean) -- great 6!!


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