Sunday, June 10, 2012

Are You in My Head? #wildesarmy #sixsunday

Maybe you've noticed, but I have a shiny new ticker on the side of my blog, counting down the days until the release of Wilde's Army. ARCs are out, and the first review has even come in. It's fantastic, btw!


Anyway, here's your six, and happy Sunday. Thank you for always stopping in to comment!

Picking up where we left off last week, Kate is still in her sister's head.


~ The torches on the walls are still bright with flames. The air smells so strongly of rust and mold, I find it hard not to vomit. Brit's chest hurts as she holds her breath. She pushes the stench from her thoughts, but when she does draw in a deep, ragged gasp for air, it has to pass through her nose—starting the cycle again.



It's an excited reunion, even if it's all in their head! To read other Six Sunday greatness, visit the official site!


If you still haven't purchased a copy of Wilde's Fire, you can get yours today: B&N, Amazon, Kobo, & iTunes.

And there's a new Who Said It contest going on. Check it out!


  1. Anonymous6/10/2012

    Rust and mold and vomiting reflex...oh my :) great six!

  2. I love that they can share thoughts. Very cool trait and great story idea.

    Color me baffled, but may I ask what an ARC is?

  3. nice that they can chat mentally but too bad she can see and feel it all so clearly

  4. I really like the way you're describing this connection, although it's obvious Brit is in deep trouble! Terrific six!

  5. Anonymous6/10/2012

    Love the use of 'rust and mold', which paints a great picture of the atmosphere. Good six and congrats on your upcoming release! Hope the book is successful!

  6. The kind of place and description to make you feel sick. Great details here that create a great mood, Krystal. Congratulations on getting closer to release! Whoo!

  7. I hope Brit has the sense not to react physically!

  8. Anonymous6/11/2012

    Can you imagine the pain involved with such a connection? Fun stuff, Krystal!


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