Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Murder Mystery Suspect - Dughbal from Wilde's Fire

It's time for the Stein and Candle Detective Agency MURDER MYSTERY BLOGFEST! What's that you ask? It's a blogfest where you introduce the villain from your novel or WIP or create one just for the contest. Then you'll solve clues to find out which suspect is the killer. It could be your own suspect!

For all the details, go here.

Meet our next suspect, the god Dughbal from Wilde's Fire (Darkness Falls). Here's how he is described by Kate in Wilde's Fire:

"Working up courage, I face Darkness again. His body shifts among different conglomerations of his daemons, never resting on one form for longer than a second. He has claws as long as the coscarthas', surely filled with the same poison. His eyes are orange and beady like those of the bats, then they transform to black, hollowed sockets, then to blood red orbs. Wings of a hawk sprawl from his back, then those of a bat. The head of a hound sits on his neck one moment, then one of a man. His chest is human, and his legs are of a bristly ox. The scaly tail swishing behind him terrifies me more than anything else."

Darkness personified, Dughbal is capable of all manners of evil and could certainly fill a man's stomach with spiders. He can also transform into any figure, so he could have easily approached Lenny Glow as someone he trusts...much like he did with Kate. There is even a possibility that Dughbal could have shifted into any of the other suspects to frame them.

The problem is...Dughbal has a good alibi. He exists in a different universe than Lenny Glow. But the recent arrival of Kate and other earth dwellers to Encardia proves that moving between the worlds is possible. The detectives are used to dealing with some nasty characters, but will they have what it takes to face a god?

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  1. Anonymous6/26/2012

    How does one interrogate a shapeshifting being of immense power? I'm interested!

  2. Oh oh! Who did he shapeshifter into and maybe he is the one trying to frame Karlie?

  3. Dughbal might be haunting my dreams tonight....he definitely creeps me out. I wonder what might have motivated him to kill Lenny Glow? Great suspect. I'll be posting mine tomorrow!


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