Monday, December 26, 2011

Wonderful Holiday

All the stress that goes into Christmas (shopping, wrapping, packing and shipping, shopping, shopping, and more shopping) sometime seem like a waste of time, but somewhere between when the family arrives, the exchanging of hugs, eating the food, and opening the presents, a weight lifts from my shoulders. I look around and see all the smiles. Laughter echoes off the walls, drowning out my exhausted thoughts with happiness. I don't mind that my feet and back ache from cooking and cleaning. I don't care about the pile of trash sitting in the garage because Waste Management decided not to pick up our garbage on Friday. In this moment of realization I’m not sure anything bad bothers me.

This is what Christmas is about: time spent together as a family.

My children will remember these holidays for the rest of their lives. They will tell their children stories of riding Kid #3’s Step 2 Coaster through my living room until they wore wheel prints in the carpet. Kid #2 will remember stealing so many cookies from the table before dinner that we didn’t even try to force her to eat her meal. Kid #1 will probably be working on his Lego Mindstorm robot for the rest of his life, so this Christmas will be forever engrained in his memory, too.

While you’re busy feeling like this image of Santa, just reflect on all the special memories made this year. That’s what I’ll be doing. Hope everyone had a great holiday. Would LOVE to hear your stories.


  1. Glad to hear you and your family had a wonderful Christmas. Makes me kind of wish my kids were 12 years younger, when the wonder was more keen.

  2. Barbara Dehaba12/26/2011

    Loved being part of your Christmas celebration...a special Christmas to remember !

  3. Yeah, Rob, when the kids are young it makes Christmas so much more special. :-/

    Thank you, Aunt Barbara. Hopefully we'll have many more Christmases together. :-)

  4. It sounds wonderful. I remember the Christmas we got our son the Lego Mindstorms. He loved it. Today, he's a senior in college majoring in computer science. ;)

  5. awww how nice! family time is important. =) i'm glad you had a great Christmas.

    my parents got my 2 yr old nephew a voice changing device and he was running around saying "luke i am your father." lol strange but so so so funny. :P

    Wishing you all the best in the new year, Krystal! :)

  6. Maybe the children will remember one or two special gifts at Christmases past but what they will remember most from each year are those hugs at the door and the dear family members who managed to celebrate with them. There are some special memories shared on my blog also.

    Thanks for following me:)

  7. I feel exactly the same Krystal, I run around like a lunatic planning and buying and making...and I love it! But that moment when you glance around and suddenly take a breath is when you realise it's all come together. Granny Annie, so true, now my children are getting older, between 12 and 18, it's the people and things we do together that make the memories much more than the gifts!

  8. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Mia was with her father this year but my family stopped me feeling too lonely. Happy New Year to you and your family x

  9. I think most of my kids' memories will involve LEGO sets...oy. ;) Have a wonderful New Year!


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