Thursday, June 30, 2011

For My Missed Monday Post--The Barn

Dad gave me a stall in the barn to do with as I pleased.

What could an eight-year old little girl possibly want to do with a barn stall you ask? Well, let me tell you. An eight-year old little girl and her friend from next door could clean out said stall and turn it into a two-story play room.

Treasures with no known history were found in that stall. License plates from states outside of Texas with dates on them older than dirt itself--we nailed them to the walls, cleared out the useless junk, created a desk from old milk crates, added support beams for the plywood ceiling and built a ladder to get from one floor to the next. I'm amazed to say the girl next door and I did this all by ourselves. No boys were allowed!

Everyday she and I would meet at the barn nestled at the corner of our farms. Smiles filled our faces, hammers our hands and we babbled on with endless ideas created from the vivid imaginations all children seem to possess.

I miss those days. Miss watching the sun set over the Texas farm fields. Miss Mom bringing dinner out to us without making us wash our hands before we ate. I miss being a kid.

The barn was torn down about ten years ago, but the good memories live on. I have pictures of my friend and I in our barn stall/hideout/playroom. If I am brave enough, maybe I'll scan and post when I get home.


  1. I'd love to see the pic! I also love the part about not having to wash your hands. That's priceless! My stall in the barn had a horse in it, LOL, but we used to love to play in the grain bins when the corn was low enough to open the door. We'd climb the ladder, jump down from roof, then go out the walk-thru door and repeat. Those were the days!

  2. I cannot find the picture of me, but I did of my friend. Will have to keep digging. Not sure if I should post a picture of someone else. LOL. And the barn was one of my favorite retreats--unless it was time to feed the chickens.

  3. Oh the things i miss from my childhood could fill a bookcase full of notebooks. Odd how the most shy kid you could possibly imagine could cause so much hate and diacontent among the neighbors. I was a big ball of trouble.

    Fort building was an every day project in the summer time. If one idea didn't work, we tried something else. We were nothing if not tenacious.

    Thank you for the post, Krystal. I really enjoy your slice of life stories.


  4. Lovely story - and would luv to see the pics. A great post!

  5. Hey Krystal -

    I'm a huge fan of real stories from childhood and a big fan of your story as well. What could be cooler to a child than to occupy a 2-story abandoned (vacant) barn and turn it into her zone room. Very cool indeed. AND, no boys allowed lol. Well times have changed haven't they mommy of 3! :)

    I've written a few very cool stories from my childhood also and have another 1,000 more to write. "The Three Old Men of the Fox River Valley" you will greatly enjoy and totally relate too (from your story above). :)


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