Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Back from Vacation

I'm a slacker, I know, I know.

Wait, no I'm not. I was on vacation, that's why I've missed two of my life story and multiple random blog posts about whatever's on my mind. Don't worry I will make up for it . . . soon. Let me get through this pile of missed work on my desk, and catch up with all my e-mails and I swear I will get back to blogging.

Before I go, let me paint a picture. Imagine waking up when you feel like it, rested, relaxed, happy. Now get dressed, go outside and walk through the warm morning air to the white, sandy beach. Waves rolling in from the Atlantic wash ashore and a salty breeze blows in your face. You inhale, and take a peaceful walk with your family. Smiles surround you. Warmth. Peace.

That was my reality for a week.

Now imagine this.

You've been on vacation for a week; your first day back to work is on a Tuesday. Since you've been staying up until 2 a.m. almost every night, you decide to go to bed early--10:30 p.m.--so you're refreshed. Then your sweet, loving 4 year-old wakes you up at 11:30 p.m. and pukes all over you, your white carpet and bathroom.

That was my reality last night.

I guess more shit has hit the fan--at least this time the shit was figurative and not literal, but why am I always the one cleaning it up? Oh well, happy Tuesday everyone! ;-)


  1. Hi Krystal,

    Welcome back! i'm glad you had a great vacation. It sounds magical.

    Of course it always seems that life has a way of bringing you back to reality ... hard. That my friend is a tough night. ;) Though I know, from experience that someday you're going to miss nights like that. Odd but true. I miss them. I miss my daughter putting a grilled cheese sandwich in the VCR, and my son throwing a baseball and shattering our fish tank. Just like the song says, someday you're gonna miss this. ;)

    Hope your week perks up! Glad to have you back writing. I missed our witty banter about our writing.


  2. Sounds like you had a great vacation. Nothing like a slap back into reality, right? At least your little guy didn't get sick on the trip. That would've really sucked!

  3. See, this is why I live at the beach and don't have a job! LOL. Well, unless you count six kids and authorin' a job, but it's more like a permanent vacation. ;c)

  4. Vacation was fantastic, it's the coming home part that makes me crazy. ;-)

    Oh and thanks, Sarah, for rubbing it in. As if I weren't already jealous of your set-up?! <3

  5. Vacation always help us unwind and start fresh after. Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

  6. Coming back down to earth is always the way after a holiday - you are so relaxed and then wham it is gone. Hope the little one feels better soon - and remember the weekend is near!
    Didn't know you had a blog - following you now, if you want to follow back that would be brill!

  7. Just followed back.

    Kids have an ability to bounce-back much faster than the rest of us--my daughter is back to her usual 4 yo self.


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