Friday, June 10, 2011

Awesome Blog

Do you ever find yourself saying the same word over and over? I do.

"Hey, Krystal, I just won a new car," someone says to me.

Guess what I say in return . . . I said guess.

You got it! The title says it all. Awesome.

Yes, that's right awesome is my catch word for everything. I've only discovered this during the last couple weeks, but now I hear it coming out of my mouth at least six times a day. My facebook posts, my twitter feeds . . . awesome is everywhere.

Tonight on the way to my four year-old daughter's dance recital rehearsal--boy that's a mouthful--she asked, "Are we going to my big dance class tonight?"

I smiled and said, "Yes. That's why you have too much make-up on." (Okay, so that's not exactly what I said, but trust me I was thinking it.)

She bounced in her car seat; I told her to stop so she wouldn't mess up her curls.

"I'm going to dance on the big stage?" she asked.

I looked in the rearview, her blue eyeshadow was distracting, but I could see the excitement in her big brown eyes. "Yes, Abby."

"This is going to be so awesome!"

She's four. She loves her mother and apparently she talks like me. I couldn't help but laugh. I've been planning an 'awesome' blog for about a week now, but mine and Abby's conversation changed the structure. Originally I'd planned for some ridiculous commentary including the word awesome as much as I possibly could, but Abby made it better with her indirect compliment to me. Awesome.

I love my daughter, I love my life--I think it's all awesome.


  1. Awesome blog. :D

    Sorry, I couldn't resist. ;-)

  2. Your daughter is adorable. Kids do tend to mimic their parents, even if they don’t realize it or will never admit it, because they want to be just like their mom or dad. There are not enough people in the world who do not share how they feel. “if you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands” and all that kind of stuff. Right? If awesome is how you feel then the world should know it. ;)

    You know I do envy you. It’s difficult for me to blog about my daily events like you do. I write it then have to edit it and then rewrite it and then set it aside and reread it then edit again … grr! So when I finally get my daily happening posted, it happed over a week ago. This comment went through four edits and it’s still imperfect. *heavy sigh*

    I really enjoy your blog!


  3. Grr! my editor is fired. LOL. I meant, there are not enough people in the world who share how they feel. They bottle it up. Do the snoopy dance when your happy. It makes everyone around you happy.

  4. Hey you know you are awesomely awesome right!

  5. Kids pick up EVERYTHING! My 5 yr old does the same thing and I laugh hysterically (sometimes I shouldn't, I know). Just the other day I heard him say, "Oh...My...God...". Yep with the pauses and everything for dramatic effect. I've since made sure he uses "Gosh" cuz it just sounds better. Awesome post!

  6. Too cute! I'm going to have to count how many times you use the word "awesome" to me in a day. ;c)

  7. I'm here, I'm here! Hi Guys! Thanks for the responses to my awesome blog. You are all awesome! Seriously!

    Ryne - too funny. How's your writing coming along this weekend?

    Mel - How about I do a mental snoopy dance? You don't want to see me move that way.

    Aimee - I <3 you. I'm glad you think I'm awesomely awesome. I think the same thing about you!

    L.J. - I also say the "s" word a lot--or I used to. When my oldest child was 2 he knocked a bunch of stuff off his dresser. He yelled, "Oh s*** mommy!" Let's just say I had to hide in a closet for awhile.

    Sarah - many times have I said awesome today? Have you counted? I know, I know, we haven't talked much, but it's writing time. You ready to compete?

  8. It's staying on schedule.

    I expect to have the final draft done tomorrow.

    I'll have it finalized and finished editing Tuesday or Wednesday, so it'll be out Wednesday or Thursday.

  9. Found I was using awesome too much. Besides, I like to go really over-the-top. So my new favorite word is "awesome-tastic". It's pretty good when used sarcastically as well.

  10. Oooh....awesome-tastic! I like. I also like to say "epic". I do have a blog planned for how I think too epically. lol.


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