Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wildest Moments Blogfest Announcements

Well, guys, the time is here. It's time to announce the WINNERS of my Wildest Moments Blogfest. You've followed along, you've played in the games, and you've even written some amazing stories.

So, without going on and on, I'll make these announcements!

The grand prize winner of the Kindle Fire ($199) is PK HREZO!

Why did I pick PK's story out of all the others?
Well, for one, she up and TOOK OFF to escape oppression from her fiance (how come I can't get that little thing to go over the e, huh?)  And what a JERK he was. So, congratulations to you for changing your life while vacationing in Europe. You have courage, girl, and I applaud you for it! (By the way, this story made me cry!)

The runner-up/winner of the Kindle Fire Skin ($25 value), and someone who've I come to realize is so much like me it's scary, is Tamara from OneMagicBeanBuyer.

I picked Tamara's story, mostly because I thought it was extremely brave of her to write about her "hard" times. But these hard times we go through shape who we are now, and frankly, I think Tamara is awesome.

And last, but certainly not least, the third place winner of Wildest Moments ($15 Amazon Gift Card) is Courtney Worth-Young.

This was another tear-worthy entry!
Courtney ran away from home, much how I did, but for very different reasons. She made a life for herself on her own, fought for what she believed in, and she was successful. I don't recommend teenagers all just up and run away if they think they're parents are jerks, but if you deep down know you have to get away, you should follow your instincts, and Courtney did.

So, ladies, please shoot me an e-mail at krystalwade70 at yahoo dot com, and we'll discuss the details of your prizes.

<3 Krystal



  1. Krystal, I'm so honored and flattered that I won. Beside the fact that it's a stellar awesome and amazing prize, the fact that something really great became of that awful experience is pretty cool. I didn't know it at the time (poor little 23yr old me) but it would make me a stronger and more empathetic person. And altho I never considered sharing it in a blog post til your blogfest, doing so allowed me to connect with people on a deeper level, and as always, the support I received from our fellow bloggers was heartwarming.
    So thank you for prompting me to revisit a time in my life I hadn't thought of in a long time. And THANK YOU for the mention, for the amazing prize, and for crying along with that 23 yr old girl who survived heartbreak. You can be sure your books will be the first ones I download. ;)

  2. And congrats to Tamara and Courtney!

  3. Very cool! Congrats to PK and the others.

  4. Krystal,

    Thank you so much!! I'm really honored that you chose my entry. That was such a hard time in my life that it's difficult to even look back on it without getting a bad feeling--but I'm still glad that I went through it, because it made me appreciate the life that I have now so much more.

    Ummm...and I really, really appreciate the prize--except for that I don't have Kindle Fire. haha...But, again, I'm just super grateful that you chose me!! Thanks again, and congrats to P.K. (I loved her entry) and Courtney too!!

  5. Well, you guys rock. I enjoyed reading your stories, obviously, and am honored you chose to participate!

    Now, Tamara, please still reach out to me because I will gift you the $25 via Paypal or something. You still win!

  6. This is my first time seeing your new website design. Looks great! And thanks for a fun blogfest!

  7. Aaawww...thanks so much, Krystal!! I really appreciate it. Your awesome. :)

  8. Thanks Krystal for hosting a wonderful contest! Reading your post and the other girls entries made my quasi-flu symptoms temporarily vanish. Congrats Tamera and PK! You ladies rock!

  9. Barbara Dehaba12/07/2012

    Enjoyed all three "Wildest Moments." It's good to know these women overcame difficult situations to go on to lead successful lives. It's commendable that you recognized this.


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