Friday, November 23, 2012

Pretty Nails

Kid #2: Mommy, I want to paint your nails.

Me: Maybe later.

5 minutes later.

Kid #2: Mommy, I want to paint your nails.

Me: Grrr. How about tomorrow?

Husband: Oh, just let her paint your nails.

Me (Grumbles because I want to let her but know it will be messy): Oh fine.



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  1. Can I get you a qtip? :D

  2. cute. My daughter used to love doing this. Now she is all big (almost fourteen) and she can paint my nails way better than I can. haha.

  3. Looks great!! My kid #2 used to paint my nails all the time, but now she just wants to just do her own. Selfish little brat;-)


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