Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Productive Mother's Day

I started this day out reading until two in the morning. What better way to make for a really long day? I knew I was setting myself up for failure because a certain sweet little eleven month old enjoys waking up with a huge toothy grin sometime around oh . . . six-thirty.

To my surprise I never heard her familiar squeals or the subsequent dog barking that usually follows. I was vaguely aware when my husband brought her into our bed and she hit me in the head a few times with her bottle, but then she was gone and I was back asleep.

The next time I rolled over and looked at the clock it was eight-fifty. Eight-fifty??? Seriously? I never get to sleep that late. EVER! And since I was there and no one was complaining--beating me over the head with a bottle, begging me for breakfast, telling me we had to go to the grocery store, you get the point, right?--I closed my eyes and went back to sleep.

Of course the greedy sleep was short lived because my husband came in with a huge smile on his face and said, "Happy Mother's Day. We let you sleep in. We thought it would be the best present to give you."

Awwww. Then I got even greedier and asked, "Where's my breakfast in bed?"

Adding to my surprise just moments later was breakfast in bed; served by my three beautiful children all bearing a long-stemmed pink rose, a card and a kiss.

I finished my breakfast and Abby played with my hair in bed. It's beautiful . . . you should see it. NO! I will NOT be taking pictures. After all the sweet moments reality set in and it was time to get started on laundry. There are five of us . . . days off are non-existent. After I opened the door I realized my surprises had not stopped in the bedroom. Flowers, plants, pajamas, slippers, books (aww...they bought me more books!!) pictures, cards, balloons.

My family loves me. And it's nice to be loved. ;-)

So once I had all the new presents and plants put away I realized I had a lot of writing to make up for. As many of you know the new Sookie Stackhouse book came out recently and I just had to read it this weekend. Good thing I did because something in it (and don't ask me what because our books are so very different) sparked my creative thoughts and I finally discovered what I wanted to do with Chapter 7 of Wilde's Fire book 2 (no that is not it's name, but what else am I going to call it for reference sake?).

So, I'll pour myself another cup of coffee, pull a few of these clips out of my hair (they hurt) and write until it's time to go out for lunch.

Happy Mother's Day.


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