Friday, May 20, 2011

My First Submission

Well guys, the time has finally come. Submissions.

I've spent days and nights clicking on the keyboard, waited hours for beta readers' opinions, chewed at my lips reading over my crit partner's reviews, but all of the stress will be worth it someday--in a lot of cases it already is.

Reading and writing have always been passions of mine, but I've never given writing this much time of day . . . and now there's no end in sight. With Wilde's Fire complete, Wilde's Army in progress, and Wilde's Meadow in my mind, I have plenty to occupy my time. On the side, I have other WIP's: a suspense, another ya fantasy, and a children's book.

So, if you would please, wish me luck. Wilde's Fire WILL be published. I just know it. And if not, I won't stray from this writing venture. As long as the stories present themselves to me, I will continue to tell them.


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